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the pink room was all pink and gold, the lights were shut but the pink lights made it better. many tables and couches were around, poles, and a stage with mics. tables with fluffy handcuffs and others things on the table that made edith flush red. music filled the room, everyone was already in. kissing and doing everything for this one night.

smoke was already in the air as edith sat on a pink couch, drinking a pink liquid and talking to everyone. harry took a seat at the edge, she gave him a quick side eye when megan took the seat closet to him. "move." a familiar voice was heard, some people looked up. "how the fuck did she get in?" tom asked quietly. barbara gave megan a fake smile when she did. harry rolled his eyes subtly as she sat on his lap.

ariana and taylor took a seat by them, engaging themselves in a conversation with edith and zendaya. barbara finally did start talking to megan and holland. "i. um invited her." edith mumbled, harry's eyes flickered to her. "bitch why." luke says, taking his girl's hand and sat down. she shrugged. "you felt bad didn't you?" rihanna said with a knowing tone in her voice. edith only stayed quiet.

"you are just so nice, i hate it because she doesn't deserve it." kristen says.
"hey rem." she turned to the voice, abel stood there with a smile. "oh my god hi!" she stood up pulling him into a hug. "you got a minute?" she takes her drink and nods, and led her not to far. harry looked over his shoulder to see the two of them with smiles on their face. before it turned to shocked one.

"you finished it!" she shouts. he nods taking out his phone, edith quickly runs back to her bag. taking out her airpods, the group gave her weird looks when she ran out with abel following. she connected it to his phone and started the verse. "it sounds so amazing what the fuck." she mumbled to which he laughed at. getting to the chorus where he combined their voices together.

"pinch me. it sounds so good, i can't wait to release this!" she said, finishing it and handing him his phone. he nods, the two entire the room again. "alright so we just put a bunch of names on the screen, whoever it lands on. you guys have to sing for the birthday girl. whichever song you would like." cindy says into the mic, pressing the pink button. everyone looks to the screen, the names spinning.

rihanna. "that's me!" she yelled with a smile, standing up with the help of asap's hand. cindy laughed handing her the mic and told her a song of hers to put on. "edith!" her head turned to the stage as well as abel's, but everyone stared at her. "i remember we use to kiss to this song. let's go!" her friends laugh when she turned bright red. "there's like three more mics, who wants to sing with me? i'm not giving you a choice, here ya go." edith laughs taking the mic from rihanna.

ariana and zendaya take the others. the song S&M starts. "na-na-na-na-na. come on!" the party starts to stand. 'ooo's were heard. edith hid her face in embarrassment. everybody knew this song. harry starts to laugh loudly before he stands up, everyone crowding around rihanna. zendaya took edith's hand and near the stage. some people standing on the tables or the poles.

instead some of the girls dragged edith to a pole on the main stage just for fun. the beat drops and everyone is either dancing, grinding on whoever, jumping. edith takes ari's hand, jumping to the beat as rihanna joined them. harry watched as some of her messy hair covered her face, she continued to sing in the middle of the two girls. her back to rihanna, her front to ari.

"feels so good being bad." harry kept a straight face when edith found his eyes. "there's no way i'm turning back." he narrowed his eyes a little, crossing his arms. "now the pain is my pleasure. cause nothing could measure." the three separate and just continue singing to the crowd. edith went down and started walking towards the cast of the maze runner.

everyone sang, thomas spun the girl around. accidentally tripping. "oh shit." she said into the mic, he laughed and she went back to the stage with the girls. she and rihanna holding onto the pole, she bends down looking over her shoulder. "'cause i may be bad, but i'm perfectly good at it. sex in the air, i don't care, i love the smell of it." harry knew she knew this was bothering him and she secretly loved it.

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