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edith cleaned up her dressing room, putting everything into bags along with one of his crew members cleaning up harry's side plus kacey cleaning her stuff up. laughing at something edith had said again. "oh love. you don't have to do that, i can do it myself." all heads turning towards harry.

edith pursed her lips looking at his messy hair, she'd always love his messy hair. she'd never tell anyone but she loved prince haired harry way more

harry looked up, shooting her a small smile before proceeding to helping his crew member out. "i want to love you. PYT. pretty young thing-" edith quickly took out her phone, putting it on silent with a red face. completely forgetting she hadn't changed her ringtone for the past few years. the one her and harry used to always sing and dance too at midnight talks, getting wasted.


rolling her eyes with a soft smile, she answered the facetime where luke's face took up the whole space. "luke move your fucking head!" micheal yelled through the phone. "oh hey dith." luke smiled, edith laughed flickering her eyes up where harry was giving her a side eye. when he saw she noticed, he shifted his head to face her even more with a goofy smile.

a shy smile appeared on her face. "edith!" calum's voice snapped her out of their gaze, she looked down. "what fucker?" she answered placing her phone down, packing everything up. "we need to- wait are you alone?" calum asked. she shook her head. "no.... do i need to be?" she asked. "just put on some headphones." luke answered.

she nods taking out her airpods, "luke got in another fight with sierra." ashton said to which edith rolled her eyes. the past month their relationship has been unlucky but she knew the two loved each other, they just made small fights on the smallest things after fighting over not seeing each other for the longest. "over?" she asked, finishing her packing zipping everything.

"she forgot their anniversary." edith pursed her lips knowing they will probably be alright at the end of the day considering she helped with sierra's plan for tonight. "luke. she didn't mean too alright, after all the stupid fights you've had. she's been stressing trying to find away to say sorry." luke only nods still upset. it went quiet for a minute, no doubt the people in the room were listening.

"did you start writing a hit?" she asked immediately smiling when all the boys jumped, telling her about something luke had written and we're very excited to work on it. "soo. how's harry?" calum gave her a teasing smile, she glared at him through the phone before looking over at harry for a few seconds, who was offering to help kacey since he was done.

"he's. he's fine, why?" she asked. ashton then started to tease her. "oh fuck off ash. i will kiss your next girlfriend." she joked zipping up her last bag, handing them to some of the bodyguards. kacey smiled shaking her head when harry flicked his head over to edith. "is it me or does edith being bi make her so much more attractive?" harry whispered. kacey laughed before agreeing.

"hey stick to the person you're talking too." harry warned. kacey putting her hands up in defense. "no offense haz, but didn't she give you a chance to be hers and you know. messed it up." harry shut his eyes, snapping out as if he was falling for her again back in the days. "yeah.." he mumbled. "what if i'm falling for her again? is that bad?" he whispered. kacey gave him a soft smile shaking her head.

"i'd say.. just don't mess it up again. but it might be hard, she got her life back together. i don't think she'd settle for a guy after they messed it up. and haz, you were one of them. don't know if you heard, she dropped everyone except.. i think just you and a few others. edith doesn't want her life falling apart. it's happened to many times. and it's weird coming from a person who doesn't even know her personally but you do nonstop talk about her." she explained.

harry shoved her lightly telling her to shush when edith looked their way, harry shyly smiled back watching as she left the room. "i wanna marry her." he said dreamily as kacey's small smile turning into a frown. "haz.. you have a kid." to which harry's twinkle in his eyes died as well as his smile. "..and she's engaged." harry said. "as long as she's happy i guess." he shrugged.

he looked over at kacey who was giving him a look he couldn't quite pick out. "i think. you're just scared." she told him. he immediately shook his head. "no.. just have the feeling she might not ever need me again." he explained. kacey laughed slightly. "so basically. you're scared-" "i am not!" "yes! you're scared of losing her again, you're scared she might not give you another chance, you're scared that she might not need you again. because you disappointed yourself with what happened. you think she also is and she'll never get over it. harry you need her."

"i don't need her." he immediately argued, though he knew he was lying. "jesus haz. how many times did we have to call edith for you to calm down and stop drinking! the fights you had with barbara, you told us to call edith. the stress and work with management, you wanted edith. first time wearing something out of your comfort zone, something the public had never seen. you were nervous. who'd you call?" she continued. "edith." he mumbled looking down at his dirty white vans.

doing that same foot placement louis does. "it's not bad if you're falling. it's bad if you don't do the things you were supposed to do when you once were hers the second she forgives you, and gives you a chance. you can't expect her to go easy on you." kacey explained. harry just nods still in his thoughts. "but. what if she doesn't need me?" he asked. kacey scoffed. "puh lease. have you actually listened to her songs, read the lyrics."

as kacey was about to walk out the door. "hey harry." he hummed looking up. "you should start writing a song about you falling for her. it'd be a hit." she shrugged with a small smile. he laughed. "wait kace!" she stepped back turning her head. "you know how i do covers on stage and on bbc?" he asked to which she nods.

"you think i could request a song?" he asked her again. "what song?" she responded. "um. when i was your man, you know, by bruno mars." he mumbled. kacey laughed shaking her head. "yeah i think you could. what about on tour?" she asked. "i already asked ariana. but just a little bit of your heart." he smiled, kacey nods slipping out of the room.

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