What If Tomorrow Is Too Late?

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What if tomorrow is too late
What if we never get the chance
to say I love you, I need you
because we're too busy
wrapped up in the moment
And we just let time slip away

What if tomorrow never
comes for someone you love
But, you're still here
Would you have any regrets
Did a piece of you die
with them when you look
at yourself in the mirror

If you didn't hug them
or tell them goodbye
Would that thought
eat you up slowly
for the rest of your life

Even if they knew
how you felt
Even if you had told
them before
Could you still find peace in
Knowing that you had
one last chance
to tell them again
But you didn't
You turned away
and let them walk
right out that door

Life is precious
and the people
in our lives
are only here
a short time
We take our
for granted
We seem to forget
this sometimes
We need to appreciate
one other
And say I love you
a lot more
Because nobody
knows if this will be
their last day for sure

So slow down
What's your hurry
Let's make the most
of today
is promised
to no one
we still have today

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©️ Bobbie J Lowrey 2022

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