The Battle

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Come inside
proceed if you dare

But from the moment you enter
it will consume you with fear

You keep it locked tightly
Like a door with no key

For good reason too
It's not a nice place to be

So you push it all down
muffling the sound
Trapping it helplessly
muted and bound

Until the day you're exhausted and it's eagerly awakened
Then it swiftly erupts to your mental degradation

It wickedly smiles
You convince yourself it's a delusion
Then it blissfully chuckles
knowing it's an arrogant conclusion

It's resilient
It's scathing
Once you relinquished your power
It gorged on your fragility
Your sanity feasted on and devoured

When at last, you're a shell
And you don't know who you are
It morphs your identity
renders you withered and scarred

And just as it's grinning about to capture it's prize
Somehow, deep inside
you find the strength to survive

You're no longer vulnerable
You're enraged and empowered
It was foolish to think you'd fold
like a coward

You fight back, stand your ground
don't tap out and cower down
And as it sobs from the battle
you have it down for the count.

All Rights Reserved
©️ Bobbie J Lowrey 2021

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