Chapter 4

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Tia's POV

We sit around the table, eating and talking. Caelum's mother did not lie when she said this pot pie was to die for.

"So Tia, how old are you?" Caelum's mother asks.

"Eighteen." I reply quickly.

A smile creeps up on her face. "Ohhh well my son here is nineteen." She winks.

"See, even his mom ships it." My wolf has obviously taken a liking to Caelum. I've decided to ignore her accusations.

Caelum is blushing vigorously, until he speaks up. "Oh it almost 1 am we should get to bed, thanks for dinner mom."

"Yeah it is pretty late." I agree.

"Oh you guys are right! Here, I'll take you plate, don't even worry about cleaning up. Caelum show our lovely guest to her room."

"Thanks, miss?"

"Knight." She offers. "But you, call me Aubrey."

"Thanks Aubrey." I smile.

I follow Caelum up the stairs. He leads me to a room at the end of the hall.

"Here's the guest room, make yourself comfortable. If you need anything my room is right across the hall, just wake me up." He says in a soft tone.

"Thank you Caelum," I grin.

"No need-" he starts before I interrupt.

"No really, I'm just some random girl who's mate doesn't want her, and you opened up your home to me. You don't need to help me yet you still do. You can't even imagine how grateful I am for you and your mother." I start to tear up.

He doesn't say anything. Instead he pulls me into a warm hug. I immediately hug back. His arms have a tight and protective hold on me, and I feel safe. The only person I feel safe around is my mother. I can't help but think,

Why does he make me feel this way?

He finally pull back, then smiles. He looks deep into my eyes then says, "Goodnight, Tia."

"Goodnight Caelum." He smiles, then walks off into his room. I can't help but stare at him as he walks.

I walk into the room and look around. It has a cozy feel to it. The room makes me feel welcome and comfortable. Feelings I didn't expect to feel considering the day I've had.

I take off my shoes, then climb into bed, thank god I haven't changed out of my pajamas.

I close my eyes and let the sleep take over my body.


I am awakened with the worst pain I have ever felt. The awful burning sensation starts from my stomach, then spreads out to my whole body. I cannot fight the loud scream that comes out of me.

Tears are running uncontrollably running down my face, as I feel like the life is slowly being sucked out of my my body.

The door bursts open as Caelum runs in. He hurries to me on the bed and sits on the side, looking extremely worried.

"Tia? What's wrong?" I can't reply. He starts to look horrified. I feel even worse for scaring him. "Tia, can you hear me? Please answer me."

"I-It-it hurts" is all I can manage to get out.

He runs out of the room and I hear him shouting. "Mom! Mom wake up! Somethings wrong with Tia!"

The pain gets worse as cramping adds to the burning all over my body.

Less than a minute later Caelum returns with his mom.

"Oh lord," Aubrey starts.

"WHAT?" Caelum yells.

"Darren is being unfaithful. We can't do anything until it's over." A wave of sadness hits her as she stares at me.

"W-when will it stop." I cry out.

"I can't say. It will last until he stops doing whatever he's doing. No more than an hour."

"AN HOUR?" Caelum yells.

"It may be less. Tia honey, can you sit up for me?" She questions. I try and pull myself up. After a few tries, I get myself up.

Aubrey puts a pillow behind my back. As I lean against the headboard. "I'll be right back, I believe I have the ingredients to make a mix of herbs that will sooth the pain." I nod as she walks out.

Caelum climbs onto the bed and sits next to me. He pulls me into his hard chest. This makes the pain a little more bearable. Not by much, but it helps.

"I'm so sorry." Caelum whispers. Why is he sorry he didn't do anything.

"You don't need to be." I say as the pain began to decrease.

"Wow he does not last long" My wolf chuckles through the small amount of pain left.

Not the time Sky.

"I should be. I am supposed to be his best friend. I can't even stop him from hurting you."

"It's not your fault." I pull back, and look into his hazel eyes. "You can't control him. You're perfect, you don't need to beat yourself up because you can't stop him from hurting me. I appreciate you so much, but you don't have to do all of that for me. I'm not more important than your relationship with the alpha."

"I don't think you understood, when u said I'm going to protect you. No matter what." I set my head on his chest and squeeze him. Starting to tear up I say, "Thank you."

"Stop thanking me." He says. No matter how many times he says that I will always feel the need to. "You deserve the world. I can't believe neither you or Darren see that."


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