Chapter 7

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Caelum's POV

It's around 11:30 and Tia is in my arms, with her head on my chest. She fell asleep while we were watching The Umbrella Academy on the couch.

I haven't been able to pay attention to the TV, or anything else for that matter when she's around.

I lay there stroking her cheek and playing with her hair as I admire her. She so perfect.

"I wish she was mate. I'd never let her go." My wolf says. The feeling is mutual. How did Darren get the most perfect mate, and why he can't even see how precious she is?

"Everything will work out. Just how the moon goddess plans" I reply to my wolf, trying to be optimistic. What if it doesn't? What if Darren continues this? What if it kills her?

No I won't let that happen.

I stroke her hair before she starts to stir. I see a look of discomfort. I try to rock her back into her deep slumber.

Until she lets out a scream.

Tia's POV

The burn burst through my body. No matter how many times I feel this, I never get used to it.

I feel like this is the worst it has ever been.

I clutch my stomach as the cramps intensify and spread throughout my body. Caelum's arms wrap tighter around me as he rocks me.

"Tia. It's gonna pass, okay? Take deep breaths for me, please." Caelum tries to comfort me.

I try and comply as the tears fall from my eyes. "I-It's g-getting worse." I struggle to push the words out.

Caelum cups my cheek. "Look at me." He demands. I lift my head despite the pain. "You have to reject him." He takes a deep breath. "Please, I can't keep letting him hurt you like this." I can see tears forming in his eyes.

"Please listen to him." Sky speak so weakly. I break even more realizing how much she's hurting.

I nod my head. "I-I will."

He pulls me to his chest. "I'm so sorry Tia." He says.

The pain slowly starts to subside. "It's not your fault. Stop apologizing."

"I can't. I don't know why, I just can't help but feel like it's my fault when you're not happy.

"Well it's not." I look into his eyes and lean in, so does he. Our lips connect, and I feel a sense of comfort, like everything is going to be fine.

"I'll take you to Darren in the morning."

"Okay." I speak as I nuzzle my face into his neck. "Thank you." I whisper.

"Stop thanking me." He stands up, picking me up with him, and carries me to the kitchen. He sets me on the counter and walks towards the fridge.

He grabs a water bottle and hands it to me. "Drink this." He lets out a soft command. I nod, as I open the bottle.

"Uhh you need protein." He says as I sip on the water. He goes back into the fridge and grabs out three eggs.

"You really don't need to cook for m-" I start before I'm interrupted.

"I don't care. I'm always going to take care of you. No matter what you say." He says sternly. I look into his eyes and see nothing but seriousness. "Okay?" I nod.

"Good." He pecks my lips. I can't help but smile. Which makes him smile. That brings me joy.

"I like your smile." I compliment in a soft voice as he cracks the eggs into a bowl.

He walks to me and stands between my legs. "I like your smile. And your dimples, and that cute little blush you get every time I compliment you, which is honestly just stating the obvious." I blush even harder at his words.

He presses his forehead against mine and I let out a giggle. He engulfs me into a passionate kiss before walking back to the bowl of eggs. "Now stop distracting me." He jokes.

"Yes sir." I kid. He lets out a chuckle and proceeds to scrambling eggs.

When they are done he puts them on a plate and brings them over to me. I reach out for the plate, but he smacks my hand away.

He grabs a fork, picking up some eggs he brings it to my mouth. I open up and he puts the fork in my mouth.

"You know I can eat on my own right?" I question.

"Yeah, but feeding you makes me feel special" he grins, as do I. "Good, because you are." I kiss his nose.

After I finish my eggs, he picks me up and carries me to his room.

He lays me onto his bed, then walks over to turn off the light.

Caelum climbs into bed with me throwing a blanket over the both of us. He pulls me to his chest, and I snuggle into him.

He nuzzled his face into my neck, whispering, "goodnight Tia" I run my hand along his chest. "Goodnight Caelum."

I realize that I don't care about Darren, the only thing that matters to me right now, is the man holding me in his strong arms.


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