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Leona Price

Saturday, January 29th, 2022: 7:15 a.m.

It's been two days since the mansion was shot up, and one day since Leonardo sent this warning. Leonardo left the house last night at eleven in all black and with his gun and he thought I was sleep, but I was watching his every movement in the darkness.

Once he came to kiss me and Luci he noticed I was up and got back in the bed and waited till I fell asleep, so I don't know what time he left.

Looking down at my chest him and Luciana are both asleep with their mouths opened sightly. I swear they are twins they do everything almost the same even sleep, for example, when Leonardo sleeps on my chest he balls up my shirt in his hand and guess what Luci is doing. The same thing as her father and I just think it's so cute.

Leonardo is handling this situation so well, but I know he's stressing so while the pot has simmered down since last night I'm going to help my baby relax and enjoy a date night with him inside the house.

I ordered all the things I would need for today on Amazon, but I had it shipped to the neighbors house across the street and had Fernando bring it to me.

Speaking of Fernando him and best Naomi. I think they've been secretly seeing each other or something. I'm most definitely going to ask her about that because from I heard him and Leonardo talking about she's at his safe house.

That's tea because I'm her best friend, and we literally share everything with one another. If they are messing around I wouldn't care to be honest. I would feel some type of way though because, why would she feel she has to do it behind my back?

Luciana opened her eyes and looked up at me and gave me a smile while grabbing for my breast.

"Good morning princess." I cooed kissing her cheek then I tapped Leonardo.

"Hmm." he mumbled still in the same position with his legs tangled with mine.

"I need to feed Luci, zucchero." I said then he opened his eyes and sat up then I sat up with Luci.

"Good morning babies." he said in a deep husky voice then he laid his head on my lap and wrapped his arms around me.

"Good morning papá." I said pulling my breast out for Luci then she latched onto me.

"I want to eat your pussy, Tesorino." he said causing me to gasp.

"Zucchero! Luci is right here." I said then he chuckled.

"I know, but I'm craving you. I'm gonna die if I don't get a taste." he said rubbing my thighs.

"Is this payback from the other day?" I asked looking down at Luci who was just going to town on my boob with her eyes closed.

"Nope, just miss my sweet baby." he said lifting up my shirt.

"Put it down." I scolded then he placed it down and sat up in the bed.

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