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Leonardo Rossi

Saturday, January 29th, 2022: 9:45 p.m.

I watched as she laid across my lap and tooted her ass up giving me a perfect view and a perfect spot to smack her ass. I ran my hand down her spine causing her to slightly shiver in anticipation then I raised my hand and smacked her ass causing her to jerk forward with a moan.

"Felt good, eh?" I asked and she tooted her ass up more.


"Yes." she said softly.

"I want you to count for me and ask for another one. No counting will result in an extra smack, yes?" I asked then she nodded resulting in me smacking her ass.

"Yes sir." she said causing me to smile.

"Great." I said then I massaged the cheek I recently smacked then I smacked it again.

"One, daddy can I have another one?" she asked causing my cock to twitch under her belly.

"You may." I smirked smacking the other cheek earning a moan from her.

"Two, daddy can I have another one?" she asked running her hand down my leg.


Translation: Red.

My baby took ten powerful smacks to her ass leaving both of her ass cheeks a light tint of red. She couldn't deny the pleasure if she tried the evidence was all in between her thighs and in between those luscious lips.

I helped her up so that she was standing in between my legs then I stood up and wrapped my arms around her waist and captured her lips with mine while I rubbed her bruised ass.

"Sono così pronto per te." she said looking at me in the eyes then she grabbed my hand and brought it in between her legs.

Translation: I'm so ready for you.

"Vuoi che papà ti batta la figa?" I husked rubbing her pussy in circles causing her to moan then I slipped my index finger inside of her.

Translation: You want daddy to pound your pussy?

"Yes." she moaned then I slipped my finger out of her.

I picked her up and she wrapped her arms and legs around me then I turned around and placed her back on the bed on her back how we first started.

Spreading her legs I seen the wetness smeared all between her thighs and lips.

"Spit." I said holding my hand by her mouth resulting in her spitting in my hand.

Leaning down in front of her face I kissed her passionately as I stroked myself, so it would be easy to get inside of her. Even though I don't think she needs it because my baby is soaking wet for me.

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