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Leona Di Rossi

Monday, March 27th, 2023: 11:10 a.m.

"Oh, it's beautiful out here!" Leonardo exclaimed, looking around the beach in our backyard.

"Oh, it's beautiful out here!" Leonardo exclaimed, looking around the beach in our backyard

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"I know, I've missed my hometown so much." I said smiling big.

"I'm glad to see that beautiful smile of yours, baby." He said, causing my heart to melt.

Yup, you guys guessed it we're in Barbados! I'm finally back home for a family getaway and it feels amazing. We landed here last night, and we were all tired from the long flight on the private jet so we crashed as soon as we got the kids together.

Before you guys ask, yes, the whole family is here except for Aria. We didn't want to have any negative vibes here, so she's back in Italy doing God knows what.

Leonardo and I did an amazing job remotely house shopping for our mansion here. It's so beautiful and it's always have been a dream of mine to get a home out here, but I've always been scared to do it alone. Now I have someone to share this with and it feels amazing.

"Daughter, I'm loving your home already. I can't wait to try the food." Mama said, kissing me on the cheek earning a low growl from my husband.

"Thank you, Mama! Tonight we'll all go to my favorite restaurant out here." I said smiling big.

"Alright, but you guys have fun and enjoy yourselves today. We have the kids." She said, causing Leonardo to hug her.

"Thank you, so much Mama. I owe you big time." He said, then he scooped me up.

"Leooooo, put me down! Where are you taking me?" I asked, laughing.

"To the guest house. I need you, Tesorino." He said, causing my pussy to leak.

"Ok, Zucchero." I said, then he sniffed me like a weirdo as he walked down the sandy pathway to our guest house.

"Hmm, I already have your pussy leaking baby, yes?" He asked, causing a small involuntary moan to escape my mouth.

"Yes." I said, then he placed me down and used the keypad to unlock the door.

Walking inside the guesthouse I was hit with the scent of home. I scent I didn't know I missed so much until I was able to intake it again.

"I promise, I'm going to take care of it and you forever and ever." He whispered inside my ear, then he bit causing me to moan again.

"I need you." I let out softly, then I felt his hands snake around my waist.

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