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Leona Price

Tuesday, February 15th, 2022: 3:15 p.m.

"How was Valentine's day you two?" My mother asked.

"Perfect, Leona showed me why her last name is about to Rossi." I said then she looked back at me with a mug, while the others laughed.

"What do you mean about that son?" My father asked laughing.

"Mi ha messo il a dormire. Sono andato a letto prima di lei, e non mi interessa se ridete tutti che è stato il miglior sonno di sempre." I said then she covered her face with a pillow.

Translation: She put my ass to sleep. I went to bed before her, and I don't care if y'all laugh that was the best sleep ever.

"Sto per uccidermi." she said then we all busted out laughing.

Translation: I'm about to kill myself.

"C'mere, Tesorino." I said smiling big.

"No." she said looking over at me while I laid on the couch.

It was the day after Valentine's day, and I missed my family so I invited them over to hang with us. Luciana is taking a nap, so we can talk like adults.

"Ora." I said then she got up and sat on my back since I was laying on my stomach.

Translation: Now.

"È incredibile, il mio ni-" My mother started but we started shaking our heads.

Translation: That's amazing, my ni-

"Honestly, keep that for your friends. I don't want to hear about you and papa's sex life or about Leonardo and Leona's sex life." Luca said putting his phone down.

"Sounds like your sex life is boring." Leona said then she moved and laid on top of me.

"You're right I'm dick deprived." he said slouching down on the couch.

"Can't relate." Aria said then Leona looked over at her and high fived her.

"Ah, did you do what I told you?" Leona asked then Aria nodded.

"Yes, worked like a charm." she said smiling.

"What the fuck." I said mugging.

"Yea, what the fuck." Luca said mugging.

"I have nothing to do with this." My father said shrugging then he laid against my mother.

"Tesorino, when I ask you this you better not lie." I said then she put her hands over my eyes.

"Ok." she said then I tried to move her hands.

"Are you giving my little sister tips on sex?" I asked then she busted out laughing.

"Yes, that's what I'm supposed to do as a sister." she said then I sucked my teeth.

"I'm taking your phone." I said then she started laughing again.

"We're just kidding. You guys are so lame, if I want to have sex I will. Just like you two have sex, its a free country." she said then Leona moved her hands.

"No, it's not. Especially not for Aria Rossi." Luca said mugging her.

"Bullshit." she said.

"I agree, just like men can experiment women can too." Leona said then I scuffed.

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