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Leona Di Rossi

Saturday, March 25th, 2023: 5:15 p.m.

"Tesorinoooo." Leonardo dragged out, causing me to cover my mouth.

Hey everyone, it's been officially three months since Christmas and life has been amazing truly. Our mafia has been running smoothly with problems here and there nothing too major. Also our family life has been running smoothly as well.

Tomorrow starts our first session of family group therapy with Aria who has given birth to beautiful baby girl Annabelle. Annabelle is such a sweetheart and is one month old. We decided on family therapy because Leonardo and the rest of us as a family still wants to make things right with Aria although she's made stupid decisions.

Nobody is perfect and most of the time they deserve another chance and sometimes they don't. If Aria messes up again Leonardo has already said he's done. He's not listening to any crying or begging after this chance.

"Oh my gosh, where is you guys mommy? I hope she's not trying to hide when her husband is a werewolf." He followed up, then he pushed the bench I was hiding behind over.

"AHH, ITS MOMMY!" Luci exclaimed while clapping, then the boys joined her.

"Hi, my loves. How did you find me?" I asked standing up from my hiding spot, then I picked Luciana up.

"Dada." Lennox said softly, causing me to smile big.

"Mhm, mommy promised we'll go shopping. Why she hiding babies?" Leonardo asked looking at me, then I walked over to him and kissed him.

"Do you really need alone time, baby? I'll go to the market by myself with the kids, and call any service you'd like, my love." He linked with me.

"No, I don't think you want anyone helping me with the service I need. If you know what I mean. I was just playing around, Zucchero." I said while sliding on a pair of his sweatpants because I was in his closet.

"Oh, yea? You sure you ready for that service? We haven't had sex since the birth of the twins. I will always wait until you're fully ready." He reassured.

"Yes, I'm more than ready for you, baby." I said, then he started cheesing.

"C'mon Di Rossi crew let's go put on our shoes." He said, then Luci poked my face.

"Mommy, we make pasa." She asked, causing to cheese big.

"Aww, baby. You heard her say pasta she said pasa. Of course, we can have pasta for dinner. Do you know what kind?" I asked following behind Leonardo sexy ass.

"Yes, she's groaning too fast." He said

"Ziti, Mama." She said laying her head on my shoulder.

"Ouuu, good choice, Principessa. Daddy can't wait to eat." Leonardo said looking back at me.

"Look at Bubbie him night night." Luci said pointing at her brother Leon who was on her daddy's back in the baby carrier sleep.

Leonardo loves walking around the house and everywhere else with the baby carrier attached to him and I think it's so freaking cute how he's so involved. I just love my Zucchero and I can't wait to make love to him later tonight.

"I love you more, and I can't wait either." His nosey ass said, causing me to laugh.

"All in my head!" I said putting on my slides, then I grabbed my Lambo keys from off the hook.

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