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Leona Price
(soon to be Di Rossi)

Thursday, April 28th, 2022: 3 p.m.

"You think because I'm a woman. I can not take control of an army of mafia men? What you think I've been doing these past two weeks?" I asked with a chuckle.

It's been two weeks since my love had got shot in two places. I still have yet been able to see him in person, but I watch him sleep everyday and talk to him through the camera.

Today, I'm out the house at the warehouse in Northern Italy since the South isn't safe right now.

"Yes, we've been led by nothing but men and then suddenly a woman pops up." He spoke boldly causing me to nod.

"I know you're not apart of the Northern warehouse staff, so which one are you from?" I asked standing in the front of the room.

"West warehouse. I'm in fact the leader of the warehouse. When our Don is around." He spoke confidently.

"Do you not know my status around her, sir?" I asked with an eyebrow raised.

"No, and I don't think I care as much." He said then everybody looked at him in rage.

"Watch your mouth when you speak to the Donna!" Fernando called out then he gulped and turned red.

"Donna?" He asked then I nodded.

"Yes, I'm the Donna. I know I haven't been showing my face a lot because my husband handles the dirty work, and I step in once needed." I said looking at him.

"I've heard many insults from some of you men, and that ends today. I will not be talked about like I'm somebody's bitch because I'm not. The ones who continually talk about me being in charge are obviously the bitches. Do you want to know why?" I asked twirling my knife around.

"Yes, Donna." They responded in unison.

"It's because they wish they were in my spot, and it's crushing their masculinity so bad they bitch and complain. I don't have time for that fuck shit. If you have a problem with me being in charge, stand your ass up and we'll deal with it now." I said looking at the men who could join the meeting.

Looking around the room three men stood up.

"Hmm, you guys have a problem?" I asked then they nodded with stank faces.

"Ok." I said then I pulled my gun out and shot each of them in the head.

"Problem solved, yes?" I asked looking at Mr.Western guys and he nodded hastily.

"Back to what I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by a bunch of bitches. Our supply from the U.S. hit the streets a couple weeks ago, and the profit is more than we expected and we still have another shipment to distribute." I said then someone raised their hand.

"Yes, Isaac?" I asked smiling because that's my homie.

"Word on the street is that there's another shipment coming, and Pedro is sending his son to get it this time." He said causing me to smile.

"I was just about to get into that. Thank you, Isaac. Winston and Pedro call themselves going under witness protection." I said causing the men to laugh then I joined in.

"I know. It's crazy especially when they know nothing about Italy. Pedro and Winston both changed their hair colors from black to blonde, and is living with an old Italian couple by the Eastern border where the shipment is planning to come from." I said pulling up pictures on the digital board.

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