4) Help or trap!

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Grace's pov

I still remember how Mr. Gomez offered me this work and till now I am thinking if I have made the right decision or not by listening to him.

Rafael gave me that card and said.
"Get this job at any cost... Otherwise You can't pay this loan... Don't make me come back here Grace. It's my job, i have to kill both of you. If I won't kill you then he will kill me."
He sounded worried for me.

"Thanks for giving me this chance Rafael... I will definitely pay back for it..."
I was genuinely grateful to him. He was respectful towards me and decided to help me. To be honest when I saw him I didn't expect this from him. His personality is too badass to presume it.

"You don't deserve this... All the best"
He smiled at me and left our house with his men.

I took the card and went to the address. It was his office. After waiting for almost 2 hours I finally got the chance to meet Mr. Gomez. With hesitation i entered his office.
Gomez is in his late 50s with grey hair and average height. He was giving me feeling of my highschool principal.

When I entered he fixed his glasses and looked at me.

I gulped.
"Sir, I am Grace... Rafael___"

"Yes, yes... Come take a seat Grace"
He said.
"Yes, Rafael told me about your case. First time he seemed concerned. He was literally requesting me to help you... You are lucky."
He took my documents and started reading it.
"You have good marks Grace but i don't think I have suitable job for you right now."

"Sir please... It's really very important for me. It's a question of life and death"
I requested.

"You think I don't know that..."
He stated.
"You should have been dead by now... You are a fresher Grace. I have just seen your marks not performance..."

"I am very good at accounting, i assure you that. I have worked as an intern too but right now I don't have reference letter."
I replied desperately.

He threw some files at me and said.
"Tell me what's wrong in these files and I'll think about hiring you... You have two minutes."

I quickly picked up those files and started checking. It was someone's personal account statements. It was too easy to detect it, any person who has great knowledge of numbers and accounts can easily tell what's the problem.
"Sir there is some mistake in tax payment... If we compare it to our income tax law it's too much. This person has paid double income tax but it's impossible to pay twice. Whoever is handling this account is stealing money."
I answered honestly.

He hummed as his eyebrows raised with impression.
He said.
"But even if I hire you, do you really think you can pay this loan... I can give you $10k dollars per month, let's say $20k but still you can't cover the loan in four months."

"Four months?"
I asked confused.

"Yes, I can only borrow that much time for you... My Chief has given only four months to you. You have to pay back in four months."
He informed.

Four months was not enough to pay one million loan. My face fell. There was no way I could make it and to mention that interest will keep increasing.

"Don't be sad Grace"
He sighed and i looked at him hopefully.
"I have one more job for you."

"I am ready to do it"
I quickly answered thinking it's about some office work.

"Listen to me first and then decide... It's not what you are thinking... I can explain it to you but you have to keep your mind open. Don't overreact."
He warned and i nodded.
"Chief needs a girl to satisfy his physical needs."

All the colours from my face drained when he said that.
"Mr. Gomez I am not a prostitute... I am sorry I can't do it."
I said shaking my head.

"I know..."
He said gently.
"I can see you are not like that and i can easily give this job to someone else. Girls are waiting for just one call. You must have Heard about Dominick Moretti."

"I can't___ i don't care who he is"
My eyes watered.

"Think about it... This is your only way to pay this loan. The amount is huge, you can pay your all loan... I have spent my whole life in this line Grace, I have seen people doing anything for life... Sleeping with man is the last thing to be worried about. Don't you kids have one night stands, it's just like that..."
He explained.

"I don't do that kind of things..."
I wiped my tears.
"Hookups are different and selling your body for money is different... I can't do it Mr. Gomez. Please give me something in accountancy, I'll manage the rest"
I requested.

"Fine, you can join from day after tomorrow but think about it Grace. You can make things easier for you..."
He said handing me back my documents.

"Thanks for your valuable time"
I mumbled and left his presence.

I was thinking how to gather money, I sold my jwellery and laptop. I asked few relatives for money but no one helped me.

After selling jwellery I got money but it wasn't sufficient and again other creditors knocked on my door. I couldn't understand from how many people dad has borrowed money. They were ready to burn our house, they weren't patient like Rafael. They weren't ready to listen. May be they got the news that Rafael was here, they were there to take their money before we die.

Thankfully it was small amount so I paid them from the most which I got from sellings and again I was left with empty hands.

I tried to confront dad but as usual he had nothing except his empty apologies and promises.

I would have leave him if he would have been my real father but how can I abandon the man who gave me new life. He adopted me when no one was there for me. I understand every person has bad time in life and I was ready to stand beside my father in this problem.

I thought About Mr. Gomez's proposal. That was my only way to get out of this problem.
Just four months and it will be over, how hard it can be, i thought but I was terribly wrong.

But I had no choice either, it felt like God has closed all the doors and this is the only window from which I can escape this problem.

I had to save our lives. Next day with heavy heart i went back to Mr. Gomez.
"I am ready for it"
I said with glossy eyes and he smiled.

Now I know that I made the wrong decision. I should have look for something else. It's very difficult. I can't deal with this guilt. I am ashamed of myself.

He scares me, he is too rough and ruthless. He doesn't care about my pain.

I somehow managed for all these days, now only 15 days has remained.

But can I really forget all these things and start a new life.

No, i can't forget anything. I still remember my first night with him. That night he took something very precious from me and i couldn't do anything. I was helpless.

That night is my nightmare.

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