7) Fear!

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Author's POV

"Are you comfortable?"

Rafael asked me and I nodded my head with small smile.

I was sitting in his car with him and two more men which were in my house when I first met Rafael. I don't know their name but they both look quite close to Rafael.

Rafael always try to make conversations with me but I don't initiate much. I know he has helped me but at the end he is criminal and i don't want to get close to anyone from mafia.

I don't know what kind of thoughts he has for me, he knows that I am sleeping with Dominick Moretti for money. I don't think he has very good judgements about me and it makes me uncomfortable around him.

I was in the office doing my work but then Gomez told me that I have to check some other financial transactions. He told me to go with Rafael so here I am.

At least I am out of his site.

Rafael parked the car in huge parking lot and all of us got out. Just by seeing the parking lot i got the feeling that it's a very expensive place.

"Come Grace"
Rafael said and I followed him.

"Rafael what is this place?"
I asked as we Started walked inside.

"This is BDSM club... Chief owns it"
He replied casually as we stood in front of the elevator.

I gulped. Is he into that kind of things? He has never tried those things with me except tying my hands but what if he does? Oh my god!

"Yes, BDSM"
Rafael said and we both entered the elevator.
"We have a doubt that the manager of this club is messing with profit... All you need to do is check the financial statements and do the audits... We are here for inspection"
He explained and i nodded.

I am feeling very uncomfortable in this place. Thankfully I am here just for work.

"Miss your dresscode"
The bouncer blocked my way by his large arm making me halt.

"Keep your hand in its place if you love your life..."
Rafael warned him and he quickly stepped back.

"Sorry I didn't know that she is with you"
He apologized.

"Then ask, Idiot"
Rafael spat.

He gestured me to walked ahead of him and i did. As soon as I entered the room I froze in my place.

The room was smelling like sex but that wasn't the problem. There were so many naked women. I scrunched my eyebrows when I saw big collars around their necks with chains. Few of them still wearing lingeries.

I flinched when I heard painful scream and looked at the stage where one naked woman was getting whipped and everyone was watching it like a movie.

I have heard about BDSM, sub-dom relationship but this is my first time to witness it.

I am no one to judge but I still can't understand why would someone get naked in front of bunch of people just for pleasure.
Here I am doing it in front of one man and the shame and guilt is eating me from inside. How can they do it?

How can someone take pleasure from pain?

I eyes widened when I saw one Dom using big dildo on his sub and quickly looked away. It was terrifying to see, she was literally turning blue by her bounds.

I can't listen their screams and whimpers, it makes me scared. It reminds me of my first night with him. Whenever I thinks about it my core clench in pain.

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