6) pain!

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Grace's pov

Small scream escaped from my mouth when he grabbed my arm and roughly pushed me on the bed.

I quickly composed myself trying to hide my embarrassment. Getting pushed on strangers bed half naked wasn't appealing. My eyes filled with tears but I was trying to stay strong.

Before I could compose myself he disappeared behind the door which I assumed to be washroom.

I was sitting on the bed naked just with thong on. My throat was getting tight while trying to control my tears. I gathered the bedsheet around me and placed on my chest to hide my nakedness, Door was still open and wasn't ready to make show for someone else. I glanced at the open door, freedom was few steps away. I could have run away from everything but then what? Results would have bring disaster in my life.
My father would have been dead, may be they would have kill me too. Now when I look at his accounts, I realise that I made the right decision. This man can do anything with this much money and there wasn't any other way to escape from the situation.

I looked down at the ground from the open door. There wasn't any other option.

I gulped when he came back from the washroom. He walked towards the door and locked it making my heart hammer in my chest.

As he took steps closer to me my anxiety started rising. I tried to relax but it was impossible.

He sat down and bed beside me dipped by his weight. He grabbed the bedsheet from my hands and threw it back from where I had picked it, leaving me naked for his eyes.

I kept my head low, I had no intention to look at him and make my condition worst. My lips automatically parted and i took shaky breath as he touched my breast and gave it a light squeeze.

Something unfamiliar rushed in my body, that feeling was new and confusing. I was aware that he was making me arouse by touching my boobs, I had that much knowledge.

I stiffened as he grabbed my neck and trailed his nose on my collar bone like he is smelling me. My throat was getting dry by his actions.

He pushed me on the bed while hovering over me and squeezed my breasts. I bit my lips hard to stop myself from screaming when he pinched my nipples and sucked on it. I fisted the soft pillow which was under my bed. He continued doing it until I felt the wetness pooling between my thighs.

I almost cried when he ripped my thong and discarded it somewhere in the room, my skin around the waist was burning by the friction.

I curled my toes when he touched my vulva with his cold hand. He gently spread my legs and started circling my clit. I gasped as I couldn't take the unfamiliar feeling. It was too much for me. As something heavy started building in my stomach i stiffened but he retrieved his hand back letting the feeling disappear.

I had no idea what was happening to my body neither I was experienced. Obviously I had bookish knowledge of those things but I wasn't aware of the practical.

I screamed when he insert his finger inside me and he stopped. May be he realised that i am virgin.

Tears prickled my eyes as it sting. I started taking shaky breaths and covered my mouth with my trembling hands.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at him as he pulled his hand back from my wet core.

I gulped with wide eyes when I saw him removing his leather belt. He grabbed my wrists and started tying the belt around it.
"W_What a_are___"
My words stuck in my dry throat when he gave me warning look with his eyes. His eyes gave me deep feeling of fear. I was never intimidated by someone like this. His eyes are enough to kill me.

When he looked into my eyes with that murderous look i closed my eyes tightly letting him do whatever he wants.

He tied my hands to the bedpost making me tremble beneath him.

I tried to open my eyes but I caught glimpse of him getting undress and silent tears started flowing from my closed eyes.

It was very heartbreaking to give myself to the stranger who doesn't care about me, who doesn't love me, whom I don't know.

I started taking deep breaths when he again hovered over me and spread my legs.

I flinched back when he rubbed his hardness on my wetness. I didn't see it but I could tell that he is big. It was obvious from his body size.

Goosebumps erupted on my body when he grabbed my thighs and spread my legs in eagle position. My lower part was completely visible for his eyes. My face was on fire, I was sure that my pale skin has turned red.

I screamed on top of my lungs when he slammed his length inside me with one thrust.
I screamed.

It hurt like hell, like someone has ripped me in two pieces. I struggled to free my hands from the belt which was biting on my skin.
"I can't.... Please go slow... It's hurting."
I cried and tried to open my eyes but everything was blurry due to tears.

I couldn't move under him and then i understood why he tied me. May be he knew that I will react like this.

I sobbed and whimper in pain but it didn't seem to affect him. He did gave me few seconds to adjust with his length and started thrusting inside me.

I screamed and cried until pain turned into pleasure. I was aware that first time can be painful but never thought that it can hurt like this. I stopped screaming but couldn't stop myself from sobbing.

His hot breathing was mocking my wet cheeks. His nails were digging in my thighs. My sweaty body was completely under his mercy and he wasn't showing any mercy. He was going too rough on me like he wants to rip me apart.

I was in pain, not physically but emotionally. My heart was clenching in pain with his every thrust. I lost myself to him. He took very precious part of me. But i consoled myself saying that I am the one who came here, i climbed on his bed for money, he didn't come to me. He didn't snatch anything from me, i myself gave it to him to destroy it.

Again that feeling build up in me. Sparks erupted in my whole body and my toes curled. I arched my back and screamed once again when my first orgasm hit me. It felt like someone has pushed me from the edge.

My eyes were getting droopy from the exhaustion, my struggles died down as my body started feeling numb.

I heard loud grunt and felt him cuming inside me. He let go of my legs and i couldn't feel them.

Last thing I remember of that night is my hands got free from the belt and i hugged myself while shedding silent tears. After that everything went black.

Gomez had told me to leave the room when he is done with me but i couldn't follow the basic rule. I wasn't the one to blame.

I visibly flinched and snapped out of my horrible memories when Gomez again entered the office and said.
"I am sorry to disturb you Chief but there is something you should pay attention to."

His voice brought me back in the present world and then i realised that i was looking at him all this time. And what made my stomach churn is he was looking at me too.

How long I was doing it?

I quickly looked down awkwardly. I don't want to give him any wrong hints.

Only fifteen days are remaining and then it will be over.

It will be over, right?...

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