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I made this fanfiction out of pure ideas and boredom, and with this fanfic, I make the chapters out of boredom in my classes and with not knowing what to do at all. So with that chapters won't come out here and there, more like every so often. 


So please bear with me! I'm so sorry you'll have to deal with my bull-crap, but I'll try my best to schedule this and my personal life. 

Some more things you should know:

    »»————- ♡ ————-««

. Beware of bad grammar

.My dumbness in writing

.Swearing (I'm sorry but it helps make a good story, also with my bad mouth :D)

. A weird story plot

. Mess ups

. Self-insertion of me and my friends <:

. And overall a story that's all over the place.

Anyways please enjoy!!

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