~Chapter Eight: The Beach~

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"Please Ambrose!!!!"

"Tamaki the pool was warm and hot enough, now you want me to go to the beach!?"

"Please Ambrose!!! We get to stay the night at the hotel!" Ambrose sighed, turning around, not facing him. Tamaki stood up from his begging form, and put a hand on Ambrose’s shoulder. "Kyoya suggested it, he's trying." Ambrose turned his head, slightly facing Tamaki.

"I know he is, he tried when we went to the pool, and I'm glad." He said with a small smile, looking at a big vase of purple and ivory white roses, accompanied by multiple box's of chocolate and cards. "But I'm not fully off his case, not yet. With a little more work, however, I think I'll forgive him." He turned his head back, not facing Tamaki anymore.

"Then come!" Turning around, now facing Tamaki, he said,

"... Fine I'll come."


Ambrose laid on a towel, under an umbrella, while Haruhi fanned him down.

"It's so hot, I'm litteraly dying." Ambrose complained, as sweat covered his visible body. He wore a cute swimsuit that was baby blue with ruffles. The twins made him wear it.

 The twins made him wear it

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(Aka this)

"Thanks for the help Haruhi! I can feel myself getting cooler!"

"No problem!" Some girl guests then walked over.

"Um, Haruhi? Aren't you going to go swimming with us?" One of the guest asked.

"You too Ambrose! Aren't you going swimming as well? You also look very cute in that!" Another asked and complemented.

"No uh, I like looking at the sea from a safe distance. And it's too hot for Ambrose."

"But thank you for the compliment!" Ambrose said with a smile, making the girls swoon.

"Well if you're not going to swim, would you mind if we sat here and talked with you guys?"

"But why? You girls should go swim, you've got cute swimsuits on. Why not show them off?" Haruhi asked dreamily, as sparkles floated around him. The girls then sigh dreamily, charmed. "Uhh..."

"What a lady charmer Haruhi!" Ambrose teased, waving his hand at Haruhi.

"Please don't comment..."



"Haru-chan!! Amy-Chan!! Wanna go hellfish shunting?" Honey-Senpai asked  digging from the sea.

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