~Chapter Four: Club Manager?!~

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"I love you, and you're all I can think about, my darling. Let's spend the rest of our lives together, just the two of us." A video game character named Ichijo said.

"You're right he is really cute," Ambrose said, recognizing the resemblance between Ichijo and Kyoya.

"Right!?! He's soooo your type!" Ambrose's cousin, Renge said, proud of herself. "You can practically get married to him!" Her saying that made Ambrose chuckle nervously, as he never told Renge that he was engaged.

"He's not real Fleur..." Ambrose said, with a small smile. He may like anime, but he always tried to justify his feelings for fictional characters, unless he's really into a character. Ambrose called Renge Fleur, as her name means lotus flower (in Japanese), and Fleur meant flower in french. (Just a little extra :p). Renge made a pouting face, and then said,

"You'll never know! There could be someone who looks exactly like him!!" Now that made Ambrose more worried. As they continued to play the game some more, they could hear knocking on the door, but neither of them paid attention to it.

"My lady, the master has returned. My lady?" A maid said, from outside the door. The door then opened, revealing Renge's dad and the maid.

"Renge? Ambrose? You two surely love those video games, don't you?" He said, peering into the room, where a lot of Renge's and Ambrose's Ichijo dolls lay.

"Is that so wrong?" Renge said, as she and Ambrose still stared at the screen.

"No not at all, I'm your father and I want you to feel free to live your life however you please. You know that I'll let you do anything you like. I've always promised you that freedom." Her father said.



"Did your business trip in Japan go well?" Renge asked, with Ambrose beside her, drinking tea.

"I think so, I had a lovely dinner meeting at the home of one of my clients while I was there. I made sure to get a photo." Handing her a picture glancing at Ambrose nervously, knowing that he is engaged to the boy in the picture. "Take a look." Looking at the photo Renge gasped, while Ambrose started to sweat.

"Uh oh," Ambrose thought with a nervous smile, sipping his tea.

"They have a boy in high school who's about the same age as you and Ambrose." He said, slightly nervous. Still staring at the picture, shaking it slightly, Renge whispered,

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