~Chapter One: Remebering~

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"Ambrose-Sama, it's time to wake up." His personal butler Sebastian said, lighting up the room, moving the curtains aside. He then walked up to Ambrose, who still laid in the bed, and shook him, making him move.

"Ughhh, let me sleep," Ambrose said, pulling the blanket over his head, but Sebastian pulled the blanket back revealing Ambrose in his nightgown. "AH! The light!" Covering his eyes with his hands. Sebastian then picked him up, bridal style, and carried him to the dining room while Ambrose was moving around. Sebastian was accustomed to doing almost every single day.



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When they reached the dining room, Sebastian set Ambrose on a chair as servants came out of the kitchen, carrying plates of food. Pancakes, berries, french toast, and breakfast galore. After the food was set down Ambrose then prayed to the gods and began to eat. After taking a few bites he asked, "Sebastian, where's Kyoya? He's usually down here already." Ambrose noted knowing that Kyoya wasn't in the bed beside him.

"Ootori-Sama left early for school. He said for club reasons." Ambrose stared down at his pancakes as he stuffed more food into his mouth. He was engaged to the love of his life, but it didn't feel like a dream as he wished it was. When they were younger it was a dream, but as they got older the dream felt as it slowly died. He still loved the man but it felt like Kyoya didn't. As they got older they kinda stopped talking to each other. Kyoya would tease him, letting Ambrose's hopes up, but then he would just leave him there. Was it his strange family? No, it can't be. Was it his strange personality? No... Was it him...? It couldn't be... if so why was Kyoya still with him? The family name? Have good ties with the family? The reputation? Well, Kyoya's dad was for the engagement, but he never showed Ambrose nor his family his cold-hearted business side, unless when he's really serious about something. As he was thinking, he randomly stopped eating, making Sebastian notice. "Ambrose-Sama are you alright?"

"Ah- yes. I'm just tired. I should get ready so I can make Kyoya his bento." Ambrose said, standing up from his chair with Sebastian following behind him, as the servants take back the food on the table.

Putting on his Ouran uniform, Sebastian fixed his tie, then added a cream-colored rose brooch to his tie. He then walked into the kitchen, making him and Kyoya Bentos. Though he could've let the maids do it, he rather make Kyoya one with his own love and effort. This was his first time doing this in a very long time, the last time he did this was probably when Kyoya started dedicating himself as the Host Clubs manager. When he finished making the bentos he picked up his satchel, put them inside, and walked to the car. Sebastian closed the door once he went inside, shortly later the car drove off.

When he got to school he could hear whispering compliments as he walked past them. Sadly Ambrose couldn't see Kyoya this yet as classes were going to start.

Time skip

After some time he finally reached the doors of the host club room. Taking a deep breath as he ran his hands through his hair, he finally opened the doors. When the doors opened he saw the room was filled with palm trees and was very- WARM. Ambrose could feel himself slightly sweating already. As Ambrose was in his slight demise he noticed a "boy" not so shorter than him, walking up to him. Looking slightly down Ambrose looked into the" boy's" eyes, slightly narrowing his eyes making "him" sweatdrop.

"You must be Haruhi Fujioka! I heard all about you from Kyoya and the girls whispering from the halls. You're a girl, right? Unless you go by different pronouns." Ambrose said, whispering the last part, inching his face closer to Haruhi's, making her move back a little.

"Ah- yes! I'm a girl, there's no need to worry, but I was gonna ask you if I could help you. From my 2 days (guessed) being here I'm sure guys don't come here often." Haruhi said with a sweat drop, making Ambrose giggle with his hand slightly covering his mouth. Haruhi swore she saw an angel in front of her.

"I came here to drop off Kyoya's lunch." Taking out the bento from his satchel. "But I'm sure you can give this to him for me." Handing Haruhi the bento that was wrapped around with a wisteria-designed furoshiki. As Haruhi took the bento a confused expression was brought onto her face.

"You made him lunch? What's your relationship with Kyoya? No offense!" Ambrose then laughed out loud, making Haruhi slightly blush.

"I'm his fiancé!" Ambrose said with a closed-eye smile. Right after saying that Haruhi then stared at him with a dead face.

"YOU'RE HIS FIANCÈ?!?" Haruhi shouted, but luckily the customers and other hosts couldn't hear due to the sounds of the animals. Ambrose laughed at Haruhi's expression.

"Yes, I am! Now, do you mind giving him the bento for me? I'm dying in this heat right now." Ambrose said as sweat dripped from his head. Haruhi then nodded, making Ambrose walk back to the door, waving goodbye, and closing the doors behind them. Back leaned against the doors Ambrose signed out loud. "I've never been in there for a while... and I had to be there when it's a tropical theme." He then walked off to his club room where his club members were waiting for him.

Sometime After Ambrose Left

After Ambrose left Haruhi looked down at the bento that she was now holding. "Huh, I never knew Kyoya had a fiance. Even so, how was he allowed to get a man as his fiance? I thought rich, strict, privileged families weren't found of same-sex relationships." Haruhi whispered to herself as she walked to where Kyoya was. When she got there she could see Kyoya now typing on his laptop while still being in his outfit. "Kyoya, your fiance came to drop off your lunch," Haruhi said, laying the bento right next to Kyoya's computer.

"Thank you, Haruhi," Kyoya said as he continued to type. "So you figured out that I have a fiance. What do you think about him?"

"He's very nice! He also seemed like he cared about you very much!"

"Is that so?"

"Yes! He seemed very happy and glad when he said that he was your fiance."

"How nice of him." After Kyoya said that, there was a moment of silence. "Shouldn't you be entertaining customers? You should get back to that before I add another ¥100000 ($1000) to your payment." Haruhi then scurried off to her table before Kyoya could write or type it down.

Looking at the bento beside his computer he picked it up, closer to his face. "A wisteria furoshiki...?" Kyoya then smiled, caressing the folded bow of it. "He remembers.... Just like I do."


A/N: I'm sorry it took a few days, but I was (TRYING TO MAKE) making it long! 🙇‍♂️ And I was very lazy. <:

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