~Chapter Two: Club Activites~

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(Yes flashbacks to your Yandere Sim phase)

After some time Ambrose finally made it to his club room, the Art Club. The art club had quite an amount of members and a big room (pretend). When he stepped inside he saw the members were wearing berets. "Berets? We never owned berets." Ambrose said confused, closing the door behind him.

"Ambrose-Senpai! Do you like the bertes I got for the club!?" Said a club member with ombre black to purple hair. "Here's yours!" Putting a berte with a red flower embroidered, on top of Ambrose's head, signaling that he is club leader.

"Uh, thank you Ama-Chan. They're really... pretty! Yes," He said with a slightly confused face. Ama then smiled and left for a table to continue her work. "Sigh..." He then walked over to his FAVORITE member. More specifically the quietest person, besides himself."Geiju-Kun, what are you working on?" Putting his stuff down by the canvas, covered by a tarp, beside his friend's.

"I'm trying to make a sunset, but I keep messing up-" A streak of black was made covering a small part of the ombre red, yellow, and orange. Geiju then began to shake, gripping his paintbrush tighter. Ambrose could tell Geiju's anger was about to make him blow, so Ambrose held onto his arm that was holding his paint pallet, making him calm down a little. 

"Deep breaths Geiju," Ambrose said in a soothing voice. "The paintings not ruined-"

"It is. It's now a mess..." Geiju said with his usual monotoned voice, laced with the slightest bit of anger and sadness.

"We can fix it! Just make it into a palm tree, since this is more of a tropical theme it'll fit right in!" Geiju's face then turned into one with realization.

"Right...! It'll fit right in!" He said quickly fixing the black streak. "Thanks, Ambrose-Kun."

"No problem!" Ambrose then went to his canvas and took the tarp. Underneath was a painting of a rose garden. Though the only roses in the garden were lavender and ivory roses. His and Kyoya's roses. While Ambrose wasn't in the Host Club, Tamaki would beg for him to join, he still does, and if he were to join his rose would be ivory. He wasn't sure if Tamaki knew the meaning behind the different colors of roses, but he knew ivory meant thoughtfulness, gracefulness, and charm, making them ideal for the significant other or loved one who embodies these traits. Also with richness and perfection. Weirdly they're also a good way of telling someone you care about without communication as much romance as white roses, but in short terms, it means grace and charm. It represented him pretty well, as he thought. Then lavender meant love or enchantment at first sight. Also with enchantment, splendor, wonder, and mystery, or short terms wonder and enchantment. It suited Kyoya pretty well, as he remembered back when they first met. He could remember when they first met eye to eye, it felt like true love. To him at least, he wasn't sure about Kyoya. "Sigh..." He then continued to make the final details on his painting.

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