~Chapter Three: The Spring Ball~

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 "Senpai you should come to the spring ball," Haruhi said to Ambrose as they were walking through the school's halls. After that one day both of them became close, Ambrose saw Haruhi as a little sister and the two of them trusted each other that they were showing their crazy side to each other. They both didn't have any club activities, the Host Club was too busy with arranging the ball, and the Art Club didn't exactly need a leader as they do whatever.

"The Spring Ball? I never go because it doesn't involve me, besides I would have nothing to do. The members would be busy dancing away with the ladies." Ambrose said, clutching his satchel.

"Doesn't Kyoya invite you?" Ambrose stared looking at the ground, then looked back up. "Well no. It's more of a club activity you can say, and I'm not part of the Host Club... but I considered joining it many times."

"Why don't you join them?" Haruhi said, tilting her head in Ambrose's direction.

"I... I don't know. I guess I just don't want to, Tamaki asked me multiple times, but I always turned him down." Ambrose then whispered that only he could hear. "Maybe to avoid Kyoya...?"

"Then I'll invite you! Ambrose- Senpai, do you accept my request to be my plus one, as a friend, to The Spring Ball?" Haruhi asked, kneeling in front of Ambrose in a joking manner. Ambrose then laughed and said,

"Of course!" Taking Haruhi's hand as she stood up. They both continued to laugh and started walking again.

"Though you might not see me during the ball. The club is trying to help fix princess Kanako Kasuzaki and her fiance's relationship I guess before he leaves to study abroad." After she said that Ambrose then had a pout face.

"So you take time to help other people's relationships, but not ours....?!" He said, whispering with duck lips.

"Did you say something Senpai?"

"Nope! Nothing!" He said sharply. They both continued to talk about the Host Club's plan and the ball.

Later that night


Later that night, when Kyoya stepped into the bedroom he could hear rummaging in the walk-in closet. When he looked inside he saw Ambrose looking at all of his fancy attire. "Ambrose, what are you doing?" He said stepping inside.

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