~Chapter Seven: Jungle Pool SOS~

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So guys ima skip episodes just to get to the relationship action, and- the chapters are gonna get shorter just because I'm getting writing block from this book-


"You know I hate hot weather." Ambrose said arms crossed, facing to the side, clearly upset.

"Please Ambrose!!!" Tamaki pleaded.

"Tamaki, no is no, how many more times do I have to tell you!?" Looking at him, arms crossed.

"Please Ambrose!! All the others want you to come!" Tamaki begged looking at him with puppy eyes. Ambrose looked at his eyes, they stared deep into his soul.

"Ugh! Alright fine!" He gave up. "Just don't bother me too much, I'm still upset with Kyoya! Let me go get swim trunks." He walked out the living room, up the stairs. "Mom do we still have my swim trunks?!" He yelled. Tamaki sighed in relief. He opened the front the door, seeing the other members, besides Kyoya,  looking out the car window. He gave them a thumbs up, they smiled happily.

After Ambrose came back down with his clothes, they walked out the door into the car. And for him the only open seat was by Kyoya.

"Tch." He sat, arms crossed. Neither of them dared to spare a glance at each other. The other members glanced at each other worried. Haruhi just sighed.

"This isn't gonna go anywhere." She thought.


Ambrose laid on a white reclining beach chair, as it was shaded by a big umbrella. He wore a pair of floral swim trunks, and was covered using a white see-through shawl. Apparently, the chair also happened to be by the table Kyoya was sitting at. Resting peacefully he felt eyes on him, more like on his body.

"Keep your eyes to yourself." And with that the stare went away. The other members happened to be clutched together in a group- besides honey who happily swam in the water.

"This isn't going to well," Tamaki said looking at the broken couple.

"Way to go Captain Obvious." The twins finished.

"I told you it wouldn't work." Haruhi exclaimed, telling the obvious truth.

"We just have to try harder! Don't give up just yet!" Tamaki said with a fist in the air.


As the Host Club continued to enjoy the Jungle Pool with its activities, Ambrose ended up falling asleep in his chair. As he slept Kyoya watched, as his body slight rose up and down. Karma back stabbed him. He had it coming-

(He had it coming, he had only himself to blame~- back to the story.)

"Honey-Senpai/ Mitsukuni!"

𝙻𝚒𝚗𝚎 𝚜𝚔𝚒𝚙𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚐

"Alright! Now this is a mission of survival! I know we can make it through the treacherous jungle in one piece! It is our sworn duty to save Honey-Senpai!" Tamaki said, as him and the members walked into the jungle. "Wow, this place is just like a real jungle huh?"

"Yea and I keep hearing all these strange animal calls." Can be heard in the distance.

Kyoya stood at the beginning of the jungle, watching the members walking deeper. He turned back looking at a sleeping Ambrose, who suprisenly never woke up. Looking back and forward deciding if he should go with the rest, or stay back. Running back to Ambrose, he took his towel from his chair and put it on top of him. Turning around about to join the others, he quickly faced Ambrose again, making a hard decision. Decided he should, he kneeled down in front of Ambrose, moved the hair out if his face, and gave him a kiss to the forehead. He then got up stranded there for a minute, and ran to the others.

Ambrose may not be awake but he knew to himself, if he wanted to fix his relationship, he needed to be able to bring himself to it. Even if it'll go unnoticed.

"There you are Kyoya, where were you?"

"I needed to do something."


Opening his eyes Ambrose noticed that the others were no where I sight. Sitting up from his chair, stretching, he drank from Kyoya’s cup, as it was the only one. After the drink Ambrose rubbed his eyes, still feeling drowsy. While doing so he noticed something else besides his shawl covering him. Taking a closer look he noticed it was Kyoya’s blanket. Nobody dared touching Kyoya's things, so he knew it had to because given from him.. It... was warm, comforting, and smelled good too. Smelled like Kyoya... Clutching the towel closer, he laid back down, taking in the soothing smell. Getting comfortable he heard loud commotion coming from the jungle.

"That's them all right." He said softly, with a smile. Curling up in the towel, he closed his eyes. "Looks like Kyoya's trying... I'm... glad."

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