Addict | Keigo Takami

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Warnings: sexual references / injuries / consent but doubt / love or obsession?

! Was supposed to be smut but I don't do that anymore


The pain scoring through his side was crippling, he couldn't fly, he could barely walk. And everyone knows that a downed bird is a dead bird.

He heard footsteps approaching, though his vision was too blurred to see his next opponent. He slumped against the wall of the alley he had ran into, feeling the blood pumping through the gaps in his fingers at an accelerated rate, it was the only sensation he could feel as he passed into the void thinking one thing.

This is it. This is where I die.

Keigo gasped as he opened his eyes, he sat up, his hand immediately going to his side as pain erupted from the quick movement. A voice hushed him, a hand on his chest guiding him back to his resting spot. It took a minute as his eyes adjusted to the afternoon light streaming into the bedroom. He looked up to meet the striking [E/c] eyes of a man he had never met before.

"W..who're you? Where am I?" The pro hero asked, a little panicked at the unfamiliarity, especially since this was clearly not a hospital.

The man looked at the blonde, his face remaining monotone as he continues to dab his face with a cold cloth as he settled once again. "You're safe."

He relaxed a little at that, still watching the stranger curiously as he tended to him. It became apparent that he was waiting for an actual answer to his questions, his golden eyes watching his saviour's movements carefully.

"This is my apartment, you were dying in the alley outside." He inform, picking up the sandwich from the bedside and handing it to him. Once he ate, the [H/c] haired man hands him a water and some painkillers. "You've been sleeping for three days."

"Three-!?" He jolts forth again, only to be pushed back down by a gentle but firm hand.

"You won't heal if you keep aggravating your wound, yknow?" He smiles softly, looking over the whincing blonde. A few moments of silence passed, Keigo letting out a sharp breath.

"Who are you?"

He stops, looking forth at the wounded Pro, his smile kind and reassuring. "I'm [Y/n], a vigilante on this side of town."


Weeks passed. The flying hero was back in the skies, though his mind was often elsewhere.

His wound still ached, the skin merely a large patchwork of scabs soon to scar. Though he had been wary, his patrols down while he was recovering.

This was one of those moments where he wasn't actually patrolling. His eyes scanning the city below for a certain mask he had committed to memory over the past couple of days. He was determined- no desperate, to find the vigilante that had saved his life.

His illegal saviour with the hypnotic [E/c] eyes.

The hero's hands wrap against a window, and a familiar face is soon meeting his on the fire escape.

"Well hello little bird." The charming smile of his former rescuer invited him back into the apartment that revived him. It was just how he remembered, and so was he. That smooth voice, those alluring features and the overly affectionate manner of addressing him. It was enough to make the bird hero blush. "You've been hero-ing?"

"Uh.. yeah.. have to keep up appearances." Keigo smiles, a soft, awkward smile as he ducks in through the window. There was so much to say, but now in the warmth of the apartment, the distant sounds of downtown walled off at the open window, it seemed he had so little time to say it all. "[Y/n] I- mmphh!"

A collision of soft lips and minty breath had him forgetting everything else. Everything that needed to be said was echoed with every hand movement, every graze of teeth on his bottom lip.

Gold met striking [E/c] as the two pulled away, and Keigo struggled to form a sentence, speechless and panting.

[Y/n] went to lean back in, though Keigo yelped, ducking out of his arms. "Wait-! I don't.. we don't.. we barely know eachother.."

The soft chuckles of the vigilante had his heart clenching again, his hand coming up to cushion the sensation at his chest.

"Yet you came knocking on my window like a lovesick schoolboy?" The tease only had him flustering further, his gorgeous eyes glancing anywhere but [Y/n]. He was right, he had driven himself to obsession over the past few weeks. Those few days, cooped up, coddled and cared for by such a tender yet stern man. It was a feeling like no other, one that always had him flushing and biting his lip whenever he thought back on the moments they had shared.

"I-... maybe?" He gulps, finally meeting his eyes. He dared a step forward, feeling like the little bird he was labelled as, under the gaze of the alley cat's predatory gaze. "I want to know you."

"Pshh.. you want to be in my arms again, face it, you can play the almighty hero, but you love when the roles are reversed and you're the one being cared for." He grins, knowing exactly what affect he was having on the little bird he had nursed back to health. He could see how nervous Keigo was, only enticing him more as he ran a finger along the underside of the winged warrior's jaw. The small shudder of breath was far more than rewarding. "Let me care for you."

He nods softly, his face now in [Y/n]'s hands as he moved impossibly closer, looking up at the man whose touch sent him haywire.


His wings fluttered, fluffing as the vigilante brought him closer. Their lips met and he hummed softly, completely submitting himself to someone like he had never before. The fall into pure ecstasy as he was manhandled in this man's arms almost had him cumming there and then. His wings daring to wrap around the other only to be batted away, a clear statement for who was in control here.


"Shh.. I've got you now."

Hands tucked gold locks, taking purchase in cupping his neck and pulling him back to his lips.

Skulby- I am so rusty at writing stuff like this, I know it was supposed to be smut but I'm on the fence as to whether I should do that anymore. Anyways, enjoy!

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