Play Bad | Izuku Midoriya

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Warnings: villain Deku /


[Y/n] was devastated when his childhood best friend turned out to be the traitor. He had stayed up for nights on end, filtering back through all his memories, wondering if they were real or fake.

The sleepless night plateaued into a constant state of insomnia, the boy being unable to sleep as meaningless thoughts and heartbreak encircled him.

He had loved the boy dearly, hell, he still does regardless. The absolute passion he put into everything, especially the hero course, but now he can see why that was.

It was all a ruse.

All from the very start.


Months had passed since [Y/n] had seen his green haired companion, and in hopes to one day speak to him again, the [H/c] haired male took to the streets.

Scouting out and preventing crime without a hero licence was a lot more than its worth, but he continued on if it meant he may find his deku once again.

His costume was simple, black clothing with a hood and a mask that covered his mouth, he had some accents of [F/c] around. He was currently reacting to a disturbance by the suburbs. It was a place that heroes didn't really frequent so he was worries about visibility as much.

That night he hadn't intentionally been trying to find him. But there he was, in all his green haired freckled faced glory.


The boy had that same wide-eyed look. He was wearing his hero costume, with a dirtied and rugged red cape over it.

And then he disappeared behind a pillar, and seemingly into thin air.

It wasn't until an hour later, and the commotion died down, that the two met up again on the top of a small restutrant building.

"You're a vigilante now, huh?" The normally shy boy seemed more confident  yet void of emotion. He looked tired compared to his normal bright smile.

"And you're a villian?"

"It wasn't meant to happen like this.... but they scouted me, and their point is valid. I don't hurt people, but I also won't help people for the glory of it." His eyes held that usual determined glow, his fists balled in anger and his eyes beautifully wide.

"You hurt me... leaving like that... I love you Izuku, and you just left." The tears that pricked at your eyes were hard to fight back, your chest tight and breathing tighter. You almost sobbed out when the smaller boy placed his arms around you, instantly wrapping your own arms around him and placing your head on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry, [Y/n]." His arms squeezed a little harder, and tears began to stream from his own eyes.

"It's okay, I have you back now." You sadly smiled, nuzzling into his soft hair.

"You're going to join me?" Izu leaned back, looking a little suprised that he would just abandon everything for the young adult.

"Of course, I trust you, and I trust that you want what's best. So do I." You smiled, kissing his forehead with a hand on his cheek, thumb softly rubbing the freckled skin.

"I love you, [N/n]."

"I know."


I don't really like izuku as a love interest, sorry its short

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