My Angel | Keigo Takami

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Genre: ❤💙

Warnings: soft seme


It had been a few months since the fateful incident between Hawks and the rising villian Dabi. The young hero was out of commission, his wings being none existent.

The doctors had said they may grow back, but the hadn't been too hopeful about it, and Keigo hadn't left their apartment in weeks.

"Hey babe... I was thinking we could go on a walk today? Maybe get some chicken wings?" The [H/c] haired male spoke, standing in the doorway, looking to the unmoving blonde on the bed.


The male sighed, walking over and sitting on the edge of the bed, he ran a hand through the blonde's greasy hair, trying not to cringe. "Kei, you can't keep this up, it's not healthy."

The blonde didn't answer, not moving his dull gold eyes from the mattress.

[Y/n] huffed, grabbing the boy by the armpits and pulling him into a position that'd make him easy to carry. "C'mon, we're going for a bath."

"No... no, I don't- I don't want to.." He quietly begged, tears pricking his gold eyes, it made the male's heart ache, as he looked away from the male. "Please."

"I know you don't want to, honey, but I'm afraid you may start to rot if I leave you any longer." He spoke, trying to get the other to laugh, though it didn't work.


"I know what the doctors said, but they're actually starting to look a lot better, I'm sure they'll grow back in no time." [Y/n] said, carefully rebandageing the scabbed over wounds.

"You say that everytime." He grumbled, same monotone voice.

"I know but I really mean it this time!" He smiles, kissing the blonde's shoulder. He turned the boy around to face him, brushing his hair out of his face. "You look so much better now you're clean."

The blonde scoffed, looking at the male infront of him. "What happened to in sickness and in health?"

[Y/n] grinned, happy to get a momentary rise out of him, kissing his cheek as a sort of reward. "We aren't married yet handsome."

He was smiling as he turned to grab one of his hoodies for Keigo, knowing the baggy fabric won't annoy the bandages.


The [H/c] haired male snapped his head back to the blonde infront of him, seeing the tired smile on his face.


"Well yeah, I love you." He smiled, letting out a chuckle as the other jumped to kiss him.

"I love you too, angel!" The [H/c] haired man planted kisses all over his face, nuzzling into the boy in his lap, causing him to laugh at the ticklish feeling.

"Hey... I think I'm ready for that walk now."

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