Not Just Friends | Tenya Iida

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Genre: 💛

Warnings: sexual themes / soft dom / power play / bondage


It had been a weekend like any other, school had let out and Iida had instantly went to meet his childhood best friend, [Y/n]. He always loved these times, when he would get to spend all his time with the guy he truly loved, even if he didn't know it.

The boy's mother had answered the door when the blue haired male arrived. He had briefly been home to change out if his uniform on the Friday evening, running round the corner to make it to [Y/n]'s, although he didn't alert the boy to his plans to come over on the Friday instead of the following morning.

The boy's mither had told him he was in his room, and left Iida to find it himself. He walked up to the all too familiar door, barging in like he normally did, only the sight he was met with was far from normal.

[Y/n] was led up in his bed, dick in hand as he softly groaned. The sound of the door opening causing him to jump up onto his knees, grabbing a random pillow to cover his erection.

"Holy shit.." Iida flushed bright red, frozen to the spot, replaying the image over in his head. The glimpse he got of the scene was enough to turn him.

The half nude boy was also bright red, embarrassed to have been caught, but more so that the subject of his fantasies was now standing in front of him.

Iida's confidence grew as the other boy began to wallow in his own embarrassment, he closed the door before moving towards the boy.

"What are you-?" He was cut off as the blue haired boy pushed him back into the mattress. "Iida!"

He had sat on [Y/n]'s thighs, his unclothed dick on show between the two of them. Iida couldn't help but noticed how it seemed to became harder as it was exposed to him, a smirk playing at his face.

"Need some help?" He grinded forward on the other's thighs, achieving a rough moan. The [E/c] eyes of the other watched him intently, curious as to what he would do.

Iida wrapped his hand around the shaft slowly pumping it up and down, watching as the boy writhed beneath him, panting from the frustratingly slow pace.

Precum glazed the UA students hand, whilst the [H/c] haired boy was distracted he pulled down his own sweatpants to his thighs, lubing himself up with the slick substance.

"Tenya- wa- wait- are you.. are you sure?" He panted, the pleasure of his fantasy coming to life rendering him breathless.

The blue haired boy smiled, before slamming himself down onto the other's cock.


"Hahh..." Tears welled in the eyes of the boy as he began to bounce on the other's thick cock, slightly regretting his urgency.

He rolled his hips as he attempted to adjust to the size, keeping a steady hand on [Y/n]'s chest as he stretched himself out on the other's cock.

The pinned boy thrusted upwards, meeting his hips as he grinded down. The thrust hit its mark as Tenya's breath hitched, a delayed moan passing his lips.

[Y/n] leaned up as he started thrusting into the boy, a hand securely on the arch of his back whilst his other gripped into the mattress, keeping the pair upright.

Iida's hands hand found their way to the other male's hair, pulling as he bounced quicker on his cock, chasing his high.

With every unified thrust, each abliterating Iida's prostate, his high was fastly approaching.

His moans barely having time to form in his throat as the next one arrives.

"I'm- I'm-"

He can barely speak as his tongue lolls out of his mouth a bit, eyes unfocused in a lustful daze.

His walls clenched around the [Y/n]'s cock, as ropes of cum lashed up at their chests, painting his stomach and [Y/n]'s chest.

The bliss of Iida's tight ass was too much to bare as, without any warning, [Y/n] painted his insides white, panting rapidly. His hips spasming in sloppy thrusts as he rode out his high, hands gripping into Iida's hips.

Tenya, eyes heavy, takes off his glasses, leaning into the shoulder of his crush, his crush who he just rode to completion.

"Gues-... guess we're not just friends anymore.. huh?" The slightly taller male smirked, panting slightly, his dick still inside the other.

Iida laughs breathlessly, kissing the male underneath his jaw.

"Guess not."

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