Before You

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I was lost in the darkness
scorned and betrayed
My heart riddled with holes
Another innocent victim
at the hands
of love's sharp blade
had been claimed

I was emotionally scarred
from years of abuse
So I sadly withdrew
I couldn't love
or trust a man
until the day I met you

That fateful day
I'll admit
everything changed
When your adoring eyes
met with mine
there was something
within them
that reassured me
that you were very different
that you were truly kind

Your heart spoke to me
with no words
but in a language
I can't explain
and can't define
It captivated
and empowered me
lifted my spirit
up to a level
that was undeniably sublime

Your love was a beacon
that revived me
and guided me
from out of the darkness
And into the light
It gave me the confidence
and courage
to hold my head up high
I laced my gloves up tighter
as it begged me
to get back out there and fight

You awakened
the innocent girl in me
the one with the wondering eyes
Your love changed me
and saved me
in so many ways
It gave everything
back to me
And resurrected me
Your love,
It brought me back to life

All Rights Reserved
©️ Bobbie J Lowrey 2022

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