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Somebody is shaking me.

For a blissful moment I'm shrouded in darkness that I don't want to escape from. The shaking only increases until I'm groaning, forcing my eyes open.

A man is looming over me, only vaguely familar.

The light from above him casts a halo over his face, causing it to take a few moments for me to realise I'm staring up at the man who drugged me and dragged me from my house.

I yank myself up, nearly toppling off the couch I've been laid on. "What is going on?"

The man steps away, saying nothing. When I look around I see I'm in a small sitting area, completely unfamilar to me. Sitting on a seat opposite to me is a man I've only ever seen through a television screen.

Carran was appointed Alpha when I finished with my schooling, so it's only been recently. His father died in a tragic way, allowing his young son to take his place.

I've never been convinced that Carran could be a good Alpha...

And now I'm in the same room as him.

"Ah, Meara right?"

I gape at him, feeling as though I've spiralled into a whole new dimension. In the back of my mind an old memory of me being summoned to him rings out.

"Alpha..." I breathe.

After seeing him from a distance for so long, I can hardly believe he is sitting in front of me. He looks as I've always imagined him up close, although perhaps with a few more freckles then I anticipated.

"I'm sorry about how I had to transport you. My men didn't have time to explain the entire story," he tells me smoothly/

I press my fingers into my temples, grimacing. "My head is killing me."

Whatever they used, it's strong. An acidic hole seems to be burning itself into the pit of my stomach, and my memory is still unreliable.

Carran leans forward, nudging a glass of water toward me.

"Here, drink this."

I take it warily. He wouldn't drug me again, and he has had every opportunity to kill me. So, I tentatively sip the water, holding his formidable gaze.

"What did you want to discuss?" I ask uncomfortably. I can still hardly believe the Alpha drugged me and brought me into this small, strange room.

The furniture choice in here is awfully bizarre. The walls are a shade darker than blood red, with paintings placed upon them that depict graphic aspects of the human body in strange positions.

Carran doesn't seem like the kind of person to enjoy this kind of stuff just by the look of him. Honestly, he's rather generic in appearance.

"This is about Sire," he tells me.

I force my face to remain neutral. I figured, since nothing else about me should pique the interest of an Alpha.

"Who is Sire?" I ask coyly.

"I received notice that Sire has been released from his curse," Carran says, not entertaining my supposed lack of knowledge.

I still don't react. Sire is not going to drag me into the centuries old fued between Carran's family and him. All I'm asking for is to return back to my life so I can scrap some normalcy together. 

"You were seen with a man who looks similar to him," he adds.

"It was probably just my boyfriend. I haven't been near anyone else," I exclaim quickly, trying to cover my tracks, although my excuse isn't very compelling.

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