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I hurry down the stairs, shoving a coat over my shoulders as I go.

Time is of the essence. I need to do this today.

As I expected, Sire is in his office, pouring over who knows what. I haven't asked him because I'm afraid the answer will reveal a diabolical plan that I don't want to be privy to.

I need to focus on one thing at a time.

He looks up from his desk as I wander in, hushing my rushed breathing.

"Can you take me to Hazel?" I ask lightly.

I made my decision in the early hours of this morning. Part of me is curious...would Carran even consider it, or would he blow me off? Regardless, the driving force behind my decision is the other repercussion of ending the curse with Sire.

Carran will want to know how it ended, and if he asks the right people and the right questions, he will know Sire has been released from his tomb.

I can't let that happen. Carran would kill Sire.

"We can both talk to her," Sire offers, rising from his chair.

"I want to see her, on my own." I rub the back of my neck uncomfortably, hoping I'm not being too obvious. He doesn't trust me right now, since I'm baulking going through with the alignment. "While I'm there I'll ask her about the ceremony."

Doubt mists in his eyes. "Are you certain?"

I'm not certain of anything. At every turn I feel like I'm making a mistake, and now, I want to make sure I can do the right thing by as many people as possible.

Even if it means making Sire hate me forever. At least he would be alive.

"I just want some alone time with her," I muse, smoothing my sweating palms down the front of the coat.

Sire smiles tightly. "Alright."

I let out a long breath, relieved that he isn't pushing it. He knows Hazel is my best, and only friend, and I've been missing home since I've been spending every night at Sire's manor.

Without much discussion between us, Sire transports me outside of Hazel's house. A faint, misty rain flutters across my skin as my feet land on the gravel driveway.

He gives me a long look as I untangle my fingers from his. "I'll be back in a couple of hours."

"See you then," I murmur, casting my eyes away. He probably isn't going to see me later.

He vanishes, leaving me standing in the rain, wondering if I'm making a mistake.

Turning, I trot up Hazel's porch steps, knocking on the door. She isn't home, which is expected. She looks after children at a facility in the centre of the Pack's main city. It's one of the only places that is open anymore.

Fishing her spare key out from under a porch ornament, I unlock her door and step inside. She has always told me I could borrow her car while she was at work, since she usually catches a ride with a coworker.

Today, I'm going to finally take her up on her offer.

I quickly write up a note and stick it to her fridge before grabbing her keys and heading out the door. I'm not sure I have much of a plan so far, I'm just following my heart.

The drive into the city gives me enough time to decide what I'm going to say to Carran when I get to his sprawling manor on the other side of the city. I'm going to see how willing he is to do this, then decide from there.

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