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I stare at the food before me, arms folded over my chest.

"You can eat, you know," Carran exclaims, piling his plate full of breakfast foods right in front of me.

I have been subjected to a night here against my will. At this point I'm so desperate to get out of here that I will hear this man out. He clearly won't let me go otherwise.

"I'm ready to go home," I grumble, pushing the plate away.

Thankfully I told Sire I needed the day, so hopefully he hasn't noticed my absence. Knowing he is out there, capable of being chaotic and unpredictable while I'm gone makes me want to get out of here even more.

"Home as in your cabin, or home with him?" Carran questions.

"I don't like that you know where I live," I tell him sharply. He is my Alpha, and such a tone would usually be severely frowned upon, but I think this situation warrants it.

Carran leans forward. "Where is Sire staying?"

"I don't know. I'm not your spy anyways," I bite back.

Carran's lack of magic is widely documented, so he wouldn't be able to remove the glamour if he knew there was one in the first place.

It's not magic that would make Carran dangerous, but his power and influence over such a large number of people.

"We got off on the wrong foot, didn't we?" He paints on that fake smile that I imagine has fooled many people before.

"You drugged me," I growl. "I wouldn't say that has given me the best opinion of you."

"I apologise. Now, eat some breakfast. You can go afterwards." He motions down to my plate.

My stomach grows looking at all the food that his staff has laid out for us. It's so beautifully prepared and it would be a waste to let it all sit here like this...

"Fine," I concede, deciding on some pastries and fruit.

"I would like you to take a look at something, if that is alright?" He asks as he stands.

I nod mutely, now more invested in the food than anything he has to say. He steps from the room for a moment, and if there were no guards, I would probably use this chance to make a run for it.

He returns a small painting in his hand that he places in front of me.

"This is Sire with the Alpha at the time," he tells me, pointing at each figure depicted in the painting in turn.

I frown, looking closer. There is Sire, with his dark hair and tattoo's. Beside him stands a man I recognise as the founding Alpha. He's only called that because he absorbed Sire's old Pack once he was cursed.

"They were painted in the same portrait?" I look up at him, bewildered. From what I understand, they were enemies.

"They were friends, in their youth," Carran clarifies


Sire didn't mention that, although I suppose him and I haven't discussed much at all. I'm not entirely certain I want to know too much about him at risk of becoming attached...

"Yes. The two Pack's lived in harmony for a long time. Both shared resources, and people could visit between them with no issue," Carran tells me, falling into a chair right near me.

"What changed?" I ask softly.

"My ancestor at the time claims in his old diary that he was betrayed by Sire."

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