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Carran's panic sets in immediately.

He sends a few guards off to search the home, but that only makes him more vulnerable. Sure enough, only moments later the last guard sets off, Sire stalks through the door, closing it firmly behind him.

Carran immediately scrambles back, rounding the desk as if it could do anything to protect him from his imminent death.

"You don't want to kill me," he hisses.

Sire glances to the side, to where I lean against the wall, cradling my bleeding wound. Something dark and lethal flicks across his eyes before he drags them back to Carran.

"Actually, I think I do," he says lowly.

Despite being the picture of death, he looks awfully casual. His hands are seated in his pockets, and there is not a single weapon in sight.

"My witches have very specific instructions if you do," Carran spits out, trying to hide his obvious fear behind a wall of venom. "Far more terrible things await you, Sire, if you kill me."

"You hurt my mate."

"She can be healed." Carran swallows thickly, looking at me and my deteriorating state. "Maybe."

Sire narrows his eyes ever-so-slightly. He's biding his time, although I can sense the unease. He knows I'm dying, and by the black splotches starting to form in my vision, I don't have much time left.

He takes another step toward the desk. "Are you willing to concede your title of Alpha to me?"

Carran's eyes widen, knowing he's cornered, that nothing is going to get him out of this now. He slowly edges around the desk, watching carefully for any sudden movements.


Sire holds his hand up, ceasing the words coming from Carran's mouth.

In one last attempt to escape, Carran lurches for the door. Before his hand can grab the doorknob, he goes rigid, his eyes wide. His body turns, on what I doubt is his own volition, being forced to face Sire's wrath.

I let out a short gasp as Carran falls to his knees before Sire, who leans casually back against the desk. Carran is clearly not in control of himself anymore.

"I'm afraid my mate doesn't have enough time to hear you ramble," Sire mutters finally, raising his brows, still remaining eerily calm.

Carran's growl is cut short, a gurgling sound coming from his throat.

I watch in horror as he violently coughs up blood mixed with some dark substance, right at Sire's feet. My mate just watches on, arms folded over his chest, eyes cold.

I know it's his magic, as Carran writhes along the floor, choking on the strange black substance. I close my eyes, finding the sound haunting enough, but not before catching a glimpse at Sire's face.

Although he's calm, I can see him revelling in it. Every moment Carran suffers, trying and failing to breathe in air, Sire is thinking back to Kyro, the Alpha who took everything from him.

I don't open my eyes again until Carran falls silent.

He lies limp against the floor, his limbs twisted at strange ankles, that black substance mixing with blood, staining his cheeks beneath his eyes.

I forget my own pain as a feeling of nausea passes through me.

"It's pitiful, really," Sire mutters, shaking his head. "Had I known he wouldn't put up a fright, I would have done this easier."

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