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I pace back and forth in front of the bed, glowering at him.

"We need to establish rules," I tell him pointedly.

He adjusts the feather pillow, his gaze tracing my movements. "Rules...really?"

"No touching me. Whether you like it or not, I do still have a boyfriend and you're meant to be honourable," I exclaim, folding my arms over my chest.

I don't actually think I have a boyfriend anymore after our last interaction, but it still feels wrong to jump into bed with Sire so soon after that.

"Who said I'm honourable?"

"Well, I assumed your era was a little more civilised in that sense," I mumble, chewing on the edge of my fingernail.

I'm not actually sure, since I know little about what life was like for him all those years ago. To be honest, I don't think I want to know.

"I'm a powerful Alpha. I've never cared for the what others are doing at any point in time," he tells me dismissively, examining the room curiously.

I narrow my eyes. "If you want any chance of impressing me, you need to allow me to speak to my boyfriend, and once I'm single, you can take me on a date and wow me."

He sits up a little, officially intrigued. This is my best shot at quelling his revenge attempt for the time-being.

"Alright. As long as you leave this so called boyfriend of yours."

"Noted," I drawl.

Sire swings his legs off the bed, deciding he wants to investigate more of the room. I wait impatiently as he wanders around, reaching the bathroom.

He peers inside, frowning. "What is this contraption?"

"Huh?" I follow his gaze. "Oh, a shower."

He blinks, watching me as I brush past him, leaning in to turn it on. He jumps back a little as the water starts to fall.

"Like rain?"

"Basically. It's not though, like a bath," I explain, stepping back.

He stares at it for a long moment. I can't help but giggle, enjoying seeing him bewildered. There's plenty he doesn't yet understand about this world, and yet this seems to have captivated him the most.

"Do I take my clothes off?" He asks, holding his hand under the stream.

"Yes, you do." I smooth my hair back, looking between him and the shower.

"Alright then."

He grabs the hem of his shirt, pulling it off before he reaches for the waistband of his hands. I yelp, backing away before he can bare himself to me in the confident way he often does.

"Woah. Let me leave the room first," I mutter, stepping out, ensuring my eyes are anywhere but on him.

He opens the shower door, motioning inside.

"You can fit in here."

I roll my eyes, glaring at him, keeping my eyes on his. He has a mischevious glint in them, although his proposition is obviously serious. Regardless, I'm not going to fall for his charms.

"Did our previous conversation go over your head?" I question.

He shrugs his shoulders casuallyThis kind of stuff doesn't bother him, and he can't see why it bothers me. We are mates after all, and whatever happens between us is completely natural.

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