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I press my head deeper into the cushion, propping my book up against my thighs.

This is the perfect night. Sire has brought me back to my cabin for a night to myself, and I'm spending it seated on my couch, wine on the coffee table, a book about questionable morals open for me to read at my leisure.

Despite this being an ideal night of relaxation, there is a strange feeling of emptiness spreading through my stomach.

I think I'm starting to not like being where Sire is not.

A pounding knock on the front door has my book nearly falling from my lap. Resting my palm on my ribs, feeling my heart thundering under my touch, I stand.

Sire promised me a night on my own. Could he really not bear to be away from me for so long.

I throw the door open. "I told you to give me a night...oh."

It isn't Sire standing at my door, but Carran. The night is draped around him like a magnificent coat and there is a danger in his eyes that alerts me to exactly why he is here.

"Meara. Hello," he greets.

He doesn't sound angry. In fact, he sounds apprehensive. He's undoubtedly here because he knows Sire is out and he wants to enact his revenge.

Shit. Why did I think it would be a good idea to be away from Sire right now?

"Carran." I force a smile onto my face regardless. "What are you doing here?"

"I thought we could talk." He smiles tentatively.

"I would slam this door in your face, but I suppose I have no other option but to let you in, huh?" I clutch the edge of the door, tempted to swing it shut regardless.

He narrows his dark eyes a little, looking past me into the cabin. Does he think Sire is here? I doubt it...I bet he came here knowing Sire isn't with me, because Sire would rip his head off.

"Don't forget, I'm your Alpha," he warns.

I hold the door open. "Ugh. Come in then."

With his hands seated in his pockets, he strolls casually into the room, looking around. He's being awfully calm considering I betrayed him and brought his biggest enemy back into his life.

He will know that there is nothing he can threaten me with now to bring harm to Sire. Because of that, he's going to end me.

"You could look happier to see me," he murmurs, turning back to me. "Don't forget, you're mateless now."

Surprise flares which I hope doesn't appear on my face. There is no way.

Does he not know Sire is free? In all his arrogance has he not taken steps to ensure Sire is still buried there? He can't access the tomb...but did he not have me followed?

I swallow tightly, my back plastered against the door. "Right..."

"Life gets very lonely, and this cabin is awfully large for a girl like you," he muses, looking around it.

I blink. If he isn't here to accuse me of freeing Sire, why is he here?

"Does your visit have a point?" I ask warily. Suddenly he seems so much taller, more imposing. He's seemed more like my enemy coming into my home and not like my Alpha.

He pauses, looking down at his feet. His shoulders are slumped, his expression uneasy. He looks like he is going to be sick.

"I've been thinking about you a lot, recently," he mumbles.

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