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Cover credits goes to me

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Cover credits goes to me.

Hi pals, I'm here with another book.

From Kalayanam to Kadhal

Well I won't say much about this book, It's for you to read and get to know.

I'm gonna keep this book as simple as I could and make it " A  feel good read " book for you'll.

Why ? Because in middle of typing The loveLorn Wife book I got idea for a new book and couldn't control myself from writing it down ASAP!

For those readers who are still trying to overcome the climax of Twist of Fate book, take this as a redress for giving a unexpect heart break.

Also there will be only 10 or 15 chapters of this book. Not more than that so I guess you don't have to worry about 😂me forgetting to update The lovelorn Wife book.

That's all, take a glance and leave your comments.

Happy reading.

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