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The sound of another harsh gust of wind woke me up. I blinked a few times and lifted my head, surveying the nearly full darkness. More surprising was the wide-awake Abi beside me who took a deep breath and kissed my cheek."What's up?"

"Nothing. The noise woke me up" I said, attempting to pull the sheet more to cover my delicate skin.

"I wonder what time it is." He rolled over and picked up his phone from the table. "Five o'clock."

Searching under the sheets I found his T-shirt somewhere in the corner of the bed. Slipping into his T-shirt I got up and stretched, cautiously putting weight on my sore ankle. It felt better and I walked slowly to the bathroom. I pulled the door shut only to let out a loud gasp feeling all the soreness down there.

Of course, it was sore. We were rough last night. Just the thought of it made me shiver. After finishing my business, I went back to bed and laid down on my side again. He was at the window, the dim lights from the room's corner flickering on his exposed skin. Standing in his black shorts, his upper body was bare for my eyes.

I couldnt help but smile and feel the little throb.

Come back to bed" I called softly, disappearing under the sheets.

He turned around and the curtain fell back into place." Aren't you the least bit curious about the early morning?"


Im tired, sleepy, and sore. Surely, Im not curious about the early morning but about him.

He walked slowly back to the bed and got back onto it."Are you cold?"

Now that he mentioned it, I realised that part of my shivering was from the temperature. "Yeah, I guess I am."

Grabbing the AC remote from the table beside the bed he lowered the AC temperature quickly and turned to my side again.

"Here" he said, pulling the covers up, tucking them around my shoulders and pulling me close, facing each other. He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and kissed my forehead." Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. More than fine."

He slid his hand down my side and rested it on my hip. I sucked in my breath and cuddled in closer." Are you?"


He moved his hand down to my pelvis, resting it lightly on the top. I moaned and moved my hips towards him."Shhh" he said, his voice soft and gentle. "I need to make sure you're okay."

" I'm okay."

" Hush. I need to make sure by myself."

He moved his fingers down and touched my outer lips. I moved my hips again, and he pressed them back. He ran his finger down my clitoral area, and I gasped again. He touched the entrance and gently pushed a fingertip inside, making me jump.

" Does that hurt?"

" It's a little sore."

"Is it?" He pressed it in a little further, and I gasped again." Do you remember how I felt inside you last night?"

"Yes" I said, almost panting as he moved it in even further." Yes, I remember."

He slid in with a second finger, still gentle and careful. I rocked my hips back and forth, trying to get them inside further but he pushed me back down with his other hand." You need to be patient, wife"

"I don't want to be patient," I said, turning and sitting up. Before he could respond I straddled his hips. He was hard and pressed against my core. I moaned again and put my hands on his chest. He reached up and grabbed my biceps, steadying me.

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