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The warm breeze of Chennai city gently rustled through the trees, carrying with it a sense of tranquility that enveloped us as we strolled along the bustling streets of T. Nagar. The sun's golden rays played upon our faces, casting a glow that seemed to mirror the happiness radiating from within us. Today is special—a day of celebration as we shopped for the housewarming pooja that my parents are going to host in the village.

Amid the cheerful chaos of vendors and shoppers my eyes were drawn to a vibrant green silk saree displayed elegantly in a shop window. Its intricate design and rich hue instantly caught my attention. I could almost envision my mother-in-law draped in that saree, its beauty reflecting her grace. Without a second thought I decided to purchase it—a thoughtful gift to show my appreciation for the woman who had embraced me as her own within a few months of our marriage.

" But aren't we here to shop for your parents?" Abi gently reminded me when I bought the green silk saree.

" And we did shop for my parents, but this green beauty caught my attention and I'm sure Athey will love this too" I answered him with a dreamy smile.

" Hmm... a gift without any occasion?" He raised his eyebrows at me while leaning on the bill counter.

" I don't need an occasion to buy something for Athey. Moreover, she always buys something special for me. This time let it be me" I replied while taking the shopping bag from the bill counter after the billing process was done.

Nodding with a polite smile for the staff in charge of the billing counter, we left the saree shop.

Continuing our shopping spree, we ventured into a mall, its air-conditioned atmosphere a refreshing break from the sun's warmth. As we were done shopping for the family, I think we deserve a reward.

" Pastry?" he asks.

" Ice cream" I breathed out while taking a seat opposite him and looking around the food court.

Thankfully, today it's less crowded and more peaceful just as I wished. Talking about the next day's preparation to leave for the village, we ate the ice cream and spent a few minutes strolling around holding each other's hands.

Abishan's eyes twinkled mischievously as we walked past a garment shop, and he pointed towards a lace lingerie set displayed in the window. Arching an eyebrow at him, I felt a playful tug in my heart as I tried to pull him further, but he didn't budge even an inch. I knew his intentions well and decided to play along, shaking my head slightly.

His eyes widened and he adopted an endearing puppy-dog expression, a silent plea dancing within them. I couldn't resist and a soft chuckle escaped my lips.

"This isn't the time to act like a kid, Abi" I said while hiding my blushy smile as I tried to drag him away, but he stood strong.

" Right, this is the time to act like adults. Let's buy that teasing black beauty for you" he winked at me which caused me to look away to protect my heated cheeks from his naughty eyes.

"Abi, we're getting late" I reasoned.

"Then we shouldn't waste much time. Hurry up, Aru. Let's buy that black beauty and leave ASAP" He seemed so dedicated to buying that lingerie that would hardly cover anything.

I've never tried on lingerie even though our sex life is so active. I don't know why but wearing something like lingerie never crossed my mind as we were always more focused on how to get rid of clothes within a few seconds.

" Aru, please. let's just buy it for now. You can decide later if you want to wear that or not but please buy it for me" he pleaded with his eyes kissed and mouth shaped like a pug.

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