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He was waiting for my reply.

His eyes never looked away from mine as he smirked. He must have felt accomplished after asking me that question, and if I didn't praise him for that, it would be a waste of his talent.

Abi's face lit up when I smiled at him while one of my hands reached his chest. I rested my hands there, feeling his heart beating under my palm. This caused him to arch his eyebrow questioningly. I kept smiling at him sheepishly while bringing my other hand close to his cheeks and rubbing the corner of his lips lovingly.

Looking into his eyes with intensity, I asked "Would you prefer my answer in words or in actions?" I winked, amusing him. I'm sure he must be flying in his fantasy world by now.

He gazed at me from head to toe, making goosebumps arrive on my skin with the kind of intentions he looked at me before he purred "Actions."

As soon as he said that I gave him a victory smile and did something he wouldn't have expected for sure. I crushed his foot hard with my pointed heels.

" AHHHH. WHATTHHELL!!" Jumping and fumbling around, he screamed out of pain and got away, just as I expected.

"Not fair Aru "Abi said, still trying to ease the pain while shooting daggers at me.

"Suits you well" I laughed.

How dare he make me go through a hell of overthinking with his silence, and now he expects me to respond sweetly to his toe-curling, body-tantalising, and breathtaking kiss? No doubt the kiss was too good—in fact, one of the best kisses to date. But I can't take that as an answer. If I did, he would continue this behavior, leading us to tear each other's clothes off in bed rather than sorting out misunderstandings through conversation like adults.

"Just because the kiss was good... it doesn't mean that I'll easily let the 'you are making me wait for long' part slide" I said between laughs as I took off my heels and collected my handbag from the floor.

"But I was just saying that I haven't lost interest in you... not now... not ever" He took off his shoes and grabbed the car keys, phone, and wallet from his pants pocket to place them on the table.

"Too late" My response was curt. Before he could protest, I walked inside the bedroom and shut the door after me.

"Aru, open the door. This is not done. I was upset when you questioned my integrity for you. How can I lose interest in you? I can't even process a day without you. You're as important as oxygen for me to live. Then how can you ask such a question? I was really upset. That's why I chose to stay silent till we reached home" he explained, standing on the other side of the door.

He's right.

I shouldn't have questioned his honesty with me, but he should have cleared without delay. I agree that he didn't intentionally make me wait for long in the rain, he was in a helpless situation too. Nevertheless, he could have eased my anger during the car conversation itself instead of waiting till we reached home. Now he must face punishment because I'm too annoyed and not in the mood to be convinced by him. Let's see how long he can bear.

Grabbing the chestnut brown satin gown, which has a deep V-neck that would tempt him like it always does, I went inside the bathroom with a signature smirk, thinking about my evil plan for him.

After approximately fifteen minutes, I came out, wrapping my hair in a towel. I walked to the door and opened it, only to find him slumped on the couch. He got up, noticing my presence, and I could feel his heated gaze on me while I mindlessly walked into the kitchen with a water bottle from the fridge. Drinking water, I looked at him from the corner of my eye and found him still gazing at me with his mouth slightly open. This is going to be fun.

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