Book is Released!!!

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I'm thrilled to share the news that my book, originally titled "From Kalayanam to Kadhal," has now been transformed into "Arranged to Adore" and is officially available in paperback.

You can purchase the book on both Amazon and Flipkart. I eagerly anticipate your reviews, so don't hesitate-dive into the pages, share your thoughts, and let the excitement begin!

For now, I've attached the Amazon link for the book in my bio. Hurry up and grab a copy my folks!!!

Do leave reviews on Amazon after purchasing

Wish me luck, because this is my first traditionally published book and I want to publish more and more books in future!!!

Love you all for supporting and encouraging me from the start to till this date, keep showering your love on my works and I'll keep giving you more reasons (novels) to fall in love with my books:)

- Aarti Shankar

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