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Good morning, everyone!

I'm absolutely thrilled to share some exciting news with you all—I've made the decision to publish "From Kalayanam to Kadhal" as a paperback!

It's been a dream of mine to see this book in print, and I'm incredibly happy to announce its publication.

Now, you might wonder, "Why pick up a paperback if I've already read it on Wattpad?"

Well, fear not! For both those who've read it and those who haven't, I've added several new chapters and scenes to the paperback version, offering something fresh and engaging that would make your money worth spending on.

In this new edition, the book will sport a new title: "Arranged to Adore."

It encapsulates the essence of the story beautifully, and I believe it'll resonate wonderfully with readers.

Anticipating your support and love for this paperback venture just as you've generously shown for the Wattpad version. This marks a significant milestone for me, and I'm genuinely hoping for positivity and warmth from all of you.

The release date will be announced soon, and the book will be available for purchase on Amazon and Flipkart around the new year.

I'm incredibly grateful for your unwavering love, support, and encouragement that have brought me to this remarkable moment.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

Here's the paperback version book cover :

Here's the paperback version book cover :

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