Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

One year later

Andy was getting married. Her best friend had found the man of her dreams, and was moving on with her life. Brianna was happy for her, immensely happy in fact. She had to admit to herself that envy existed; it tried to stay hidden, but was most definitely there.

Brianna sat at a table in what would be the changing room for the bride on her special day. Around the table with her sat her best friend, Andrea, and two of the most annoying women that Brianna had ever met.

Andy's fiancé had a rather pedantic mother who had insisted that there had to be more than one bridesmaid. They were now stuck with two snobby, rather irritating women. Both Andy and Brianna disliked them the instant they met, but Andy, of all people, was trying to keep things civil.

"Right, I need you to bring the boys in, Bree. That's a shock that we'd better get over now." Andy finished on a mutter, as she pointed to the door.

Brianna rolled her eyes, but went to the open door. She had no idea why Andy was being so melodramatic about whoever the groomsmen were. She glanced out, looked around, and saw nobody. Puzzled she walked into the next room, which contained the bar.

She overheard voices talking, and for a moment, it felt like her heart stopped beating. Familiar shivers skipped down her spine of remembered days in Hawaii and one very fantastic night. No, it couldn't be him surely!

She peeped into the next room carefully, and sure enough, there stood Chase Montgomery having a beer with Leonard, Andy's fiancé. Brianna could barely keep her gasp to herself, as her heart clenched, before throbbing madly.

"Who do I get to partner at this fantastic affair of yours?" Chase asked Leonard.

"Nobody that's too over the top, I promise. It's Andy's best friend Brianna. I think you'll actually like her." Leonard answered, as he took a sip of his beer.

At that, Brianna finally found the courage to move away, before she embarrassed herself by fainting. She still couldn't take it in that he was there. Then it hit here, she was to be Chase's partner. The guy didn't even know her real name! She was practically hyperventilating by the time she made it back to Andy. The three women stared at her shocked face with Andy wondering what had happened.

"Andy, the guy with Leo, that's, um... that's the Hawaii guy." Brianna blurted out, and it was Andy's turn to look stunned.

"No way!" Andy finally spat out.

"Yes, way." Brianna answered in a deadly serious voice.

"Shit! Are you telling me that you spent one freaking hot night with Chase Montgomery?" Andy's voice rose higher, sending the other girls into a twitter.

"Yes, now stop swearing and yelling," Brianna replied with a nod, praying the guys didn't hear them. "I can't see him; the guy doesn't even know my real name. I need to go, yep, that's the plan, I'm going." Brianna went over to grab her purse, and head for the door.

"There is no way in hell that you're leaving right now, Missy." Andy quickly grabbed her arm preventing her escape, and Brianna let out a sigh.

"I had to get back to work soon anyway." Brianna said defensively.

"Repeat after me: I slept with freaking Chase Montgomery." Andy gripped her arms tightly, her hazel eyes fiery and in desperate need for an answer.

"I did okay, so what's the big deal?" Brianna said quickly, hoping to avoid any more talk of him, but Andy just laughed.

"Oh God, you don't know who he is, do you? This is what you and your no television or movies lead to," her best friend shook her head, before turning to the other two women who were blatantly staring at the two of them. Brianna tried to catch her breath not sure of what to think or say. "Hey twins, tell her who Chase Montgomery is." Andy pointed smartly from the two similar beauties to her best friend. For a moment, they looked affronted at what Andy had called them, before warming up to their topic.

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