Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Another day, another meeting about the wedding. Brianna hadn't even had a chance to go home yet. She sat in Andy's living room waiting for the other women to arrive. She was beyond stressed just thinking about having to face not only Lindsay but also Macy who she hadn't seen for years. Between that and thinking about Chase she wasn't quite sure how she was making it through the day.

She heard Lindsay's voice long before she rang the doorbell. Already Brianna wanted to bite her fingernails down with worry. Lindsay's blonde hair blew back in the breeze from the doorway as she entered. Brianna was instantly jealous of her perfectly straight hair and graceful stance.

Macy followed and Brianna was surprised by the plump woman who used to pride herself on being super thin. Her brown curls bounced around her face that seemed more aged somehow. She smiled and laughed at something Andy said to her but Brianna still saw the mean girl from high school.

"Come in and sit down you two. You remember Brianna from school?" Andy said cheerily as she gestured to Brianna who felt like running from the room. The other two women seemed to force a smile as they sat down on the couch opposite Brianna. "Where to start?" Andy muttered to herself.

"I'd start with the most shocking thing first." Lindsay said dryly as she sent a narrow eyed look to Brianna.

"Fine, as you're the only one that doesn't know Macy, the best man is none other than Chase Montgomery." Andy said simply. A gasp of surprise went through Macy dramatically before she paused and sent them a fierce look.

"So are we talking about Chase Montgomery, action star with the completely ripped bod?" Macy asked suspiciously and they nodded, "You are so teasing me right now aren't you?" She asked staring them down.

"If only." Brianna muttered.

"So it's true?" Macy asked in amazement making the other women nod once again, "Well I claim dibs on him." Macy called out with a clap of her hands.

"Sorry no can do Macy. He is partnered by the only person in this room that's actually slept with the guy." Andy said astutely making Brianna close her eyes and stifle a groan.

"Wait one minute! You're telling me someone in this room has slept with Chase Montgomery? As in touched that naked gorgeous arse?" Macy practically yelled at Andy who nodded smugly. Macy immediately turned to Lindsay who rolled her eyes.

"I wish." Lindsay uttered rather dejectedly. All eyes in the room then turned to Brianna who couldn't help the blush that stained her cheeks.

"Holy hell Bree that deserves a high five if nothing else does." Macy raised her palm sending a look of admiration to Brianna.

"It's not that big of a deal." Brianna said simply as she just stared at Macy's raised hand.

"Oh yeah? You should have seen you two going at it last night." Andy said with a cheeky chuckle.

"Andy!" Brianna said sharply as her face went even redder.

"Oh come on the guy totally has the hots for you. You'd be mad not to jump on him and ride him for all he's worth." Andy snorted making Brianna put her head in her hands.

"Right I need info here. A ton more info actually and Andy you're not allowed to say a damn thing." Macy said as she turned toward Brianna.

"I'm not telling you anything." Brianna said as she sent a quick glance to Lindsay.

"I'm not going to report anything that's said here. Chase made it pretty clear he'd drag me through the mud if I did." Lindsay said her voice full of rejection.

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