Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Tourina's Revenge, the tiny Italian eatery was full of customers when Brianna finally arrived. She smiled at the rather harassed looking waiter and seated herself at the table where Andy, Leonard and Chase were already munching on breadsticks. She had to sit directly opposite Chase and felt instantly awkward.

"Why are you so late? And still wearing your bloody work clothes." Andy demanded straight off the bat making Brianna stifle a frustrated moan.

"I didn't have time to get changed. One of the parents was running late." Brianna said quickly. "Don't start this argument again Andy, I'm really not in the mood."

"Well stop letting them rule your life and maybe I won't want to argue anymore." Andy snapped.

"What is your problem? I just walked through the door." Brianna felt upset at her best friend’s anger. She didn't understand where it was coming from.

"You want to know what my problem is Brianna?” Andy’s voice rose above the raucous noise of the other patrons.

"Yes but lower your voice, the whole town doesn't need to know." Brianna insisted as she noticed they were attracting attention.

She sent a quick glance over to Chase and felt everything stop around her. He was wearing a baseball cap pulled low over his face but that didn't stop him from sending her a wicked little smile that had her mouth go dry and her heart pound like crazy. His dark blue shirt did nothing to hide his solid muscular frame and Brianna found it hard to focus back on her best friend.

"My problem is that you lied to me." Andy said her voice low and surprisingly hurt.

"About what?" Brianna asked nervously wondering if this was about Chase.

"Hmmm where to start. How about the fact you spent four days with him not just one night. You never told me who you spent that supposed one night with as well." Andy accused pointing her finger fiercely at her friend.

"Oh for goodness sake why would it have mattered?" Brianna asked with a shake of her head.

"Because every damn woman on the planet wants to tap that." Andy's voice rose again as she pointed to Chase. "Including me! Sorry Leo but you know." Andy finished with a shrug at her rather stunned fiancé.

"Shit!" Chase muttered looking down at the floor. This was the last conversation he needed to be hearing right now.

"Don't swear." Brianna told him in a whisper.

"Well thanks for your vote of confidence in me Andy." Leonard said his voice sounding immensely hurt.

"Sweetie that came out all wrong. I love you and I would only want him for one night of dirty, kinky sex I promise." Andy wheedled while Brianna looked away her cheeks flushing. Her friend had never been known for subtlety. She was always blunt and to the point which was sometimes completely mortifying.

"Holy shit!" Chase murmured again and Brianna kicked him under the table. His brown eyes rose to hers in surprise.

"Don't swear." She told him firmly.

"Why not? I think this situation rather calls for it." He said as he glanced over at his still hurt friend.

"I'll do you a deal, we'll have a threesome them." Andy said decisively making Brianna's mouth pop open and completely forget to answer Chase.

"Andy please be quiet." Brianna pleaded as all eyes swivelled to them again.

"Alright deal. Good luck getting Chase to agree with it." At that Leonard sent another smug look to his best friend knowing that Chase would never agree. Not when he was so hung up on Brianna. Andy just rubbed her hands together and stared at Chase who looked awfully uncomfortable.

"No Andrea.” Brianna said sharply and the whole table turned to her.

"Why not Bree? It's not like you have any claim on him." Andy taunted.

"Maybe but I can say no for Chases sake. You know what I did lie to you. I didn't tell you we spent four great days together. I didn't tell you much about that night we spent together either. I didn't tell you I freaked out in the morning and practically ran for the airport. I didn't tell you because it all seemed so unreal, like a deluded daydream of a lonely woman. I felt terrible that I ran off and I'm sorry." The last words Brianna said directly to Chase who managed a small smile.

"You still lied so you're getting the cocoa powder." Andy said abruptly with a vicious little grin making Brianna groan.

"Andy that's what we did when we were kids." Brianna tried to protest.

Andy though had stood up and grabbed her friends arm. She tugged until Brianna gave in and reluctantly followed her into the kitchen. Chase watched them walk away unable to take his eyes from Brianna's nicely rounded backside.

"You need to come clean with me right now before we go in there and save Bree." Leonard said seriously.

"Huh? What?" Chase looked at his normal boisterous friend who now seemed rather intent and stern.

"Bree is a real special woman who has been through hell and back in her life. I need to know you're not going to cut and run on her."

"Is this about that Terrence guy?" Chase asked with a frown.

"She told you about him?" Leonard asked in surprise.

"She mentioned his name once and seemed really sad about it."

"Hmmm I see. So are you in for the long haul here?" Leonard turned serious again.

"I think so." Chase answered more uncertain than he had aimed for.

"You might want to be a bit surer than that. I can tell you now that if you hurt Bree than Andy will kill you. She will happily go to jail for murder to protect Bree from harm." Leonard warned him and Chase's mouth dropped open in shock.

"That is one scary woman you've got there." Chase said with a shake of his head.

"Yep and she's all mine so don't go there." Leonard's voice dropped low and threatening.

"Hey that was her idea not mine." Chase chuckled as a squeal was heard from the kitchen.

"That's our cue; let's go save our women from each other."

Leonard was up and across the room with Chase following closely behind. He entered the kitchen confidently while Chase felt acutely uncomfortable. When he saw the two women it was hard to contain his laughter. Andy had Bree in a head lock while trying to force a spoonful of something into her mouth. Bree was wriggling in a desperate bid to get away but Andy had hold of her tight.

"Take your punishment Brianna." Andy said sharply

"Honey you know you deserve a mouthful of that too." Leonard said calmly and Andy looked up at him crossly.

"Don't you say a word Leo or I will refuse to sleep with you for a week." Andy growled.

"Bree came clean with you so I think it's time you return the favour." Leonard leaned casually against one of the pristine counters while waving to an older woman who was rolling her eyes at Andy and Brianna's silliness.

"I'll still hold you to that 'won't sleep with you for a week' thing." Andy argued while Leonard just laughed.

"Good luck with that love. Now tell her or I will." Leonard's voice went sharp at the end.

A disgruntled Andy let Brianna up but she didn't dare open her mouth to ask anything in case Andy shoved the spoon into her unprotected mouth. Brianna sent a questioning look to her friend whose expression was smothered with guilt.

"Fine." Andy huffed before she marched back and forth across the floor for a moment. "You didn't win that holiday. I paid for it all because you needed to get away from that shitty Terrence. You don't owe me anything for it. I'm just glad you had such a great...."

Andy never got to finish as a spoonful of cocoa was shoved in her mouth. Brianna stormed out of the room as a cloud of chocolate powder puffed from Andy's mouth.

"Shit! Yeah that was a really smart move Leo." Chase heard Andy say sarcastically.

He followed Brianna through the kitchen and out the back door. She stood there almost looking broken and he couldn't bare it. He put his arms around her and for a moment she struggled against him before relaxing into him.

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