Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

She awoke in the morning feeling more optimistic than she had for a very long time. It helped that Chase had his arms around her and her face was pressed into the side of his neck inhaling his subtle smell with each breath.

Waking to him still being there was more wonderful than she cared to admit. He let out a grumbling noise as she wriggled the tiniest bit as she woke up.

"Don’t even think of getting up Buttercup." He growled out the words and she couldn't help but smile.

"I think we have to. Didn't your mum give us a list of things to do?" She asked on a yawn as she stretched against him.

"Oh God do that again." He muttered his voice low and husky.

"Do what?" She looked at him surprised when he sent her a heated glance.

Last night after he had told her about his brother he hadn't once made a move on her. He had simply held her for which she had been grateful. She had thought that she would have to fight him off after his behaviour from earlier in the day. She was relieved and a tad disappointed when all he did was leave a small kiss on her cheek before cuddling her close.

"Rub against me like that again. It's a nice way to wake up in the morning." He sent her a wink as he reached out a hand to run lightly over her hair. "Now I know why you ran off in Hawaii, you were afraid I would see your bed hair." He teased.

She let out a squeak knowing how bad she normally looked in the mornings with her haystack of hair. She went to get out of bed to do something about it but he pulled her back against him.

"Don't go just yet." He said against the side of her throat, his breath warm and sending a shiver through her.

"But we have things to do." Brianna protested a little breathlessly.

"Yes and they will wait." He insisted as his hands slipped down the back neck of his shirt she had on. His lips lingered at the corner of her ear where he smiled against her skin at her panting breath. 

"Good golly you're persuasive." She said as she leaned into his warm caress.

"Hey arse get the hell up and say hello to your twin." A voice that sounded eerily like Chase's shouted from the door before it was yanked open. Brianna let out a small scream and ducked under the covers while Chase just sighed.

"Morning William." Chase said dryly.

"How did you get a woman in here past Mum? Shit its unbelievable the luck you have with women." Will said with a shake of his head.

"Will get out of here now before I feel tempted to kill you." Chase said as he chucked a pillow towards his brother.

"Oh for fucks sake I'm sure she knows all about your reputation Chase." Will answered rather shortly. Brianna sent Chase a look wondering what his brother meant from under the covers but he just sighed.

"Stop swearing my girl doesn't like it." Chase hissed through his teeth feeling his anger swelling at his insensitive brother.

"Are you joking? Hell I never thought I'd see the day." Will muttered as he tried to catch a glimpse of Brianna who only hid herself further under the covers.

"She knows the truth Will and you know it's more your reputation than mine nowadays." Chase said trying hard to keep his calm.

"Wait go back, you told her the whole truth? Have you lost your fucking mind?" Will shouted making Brianna want to disappear from the room.

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