Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

She went inside and stared at the wall for the longest time. She had been so persistent in pushing him away that she never realised exactly how much she enjoyed having him around. It’s official, you’re an idiot, she told herself. She felt that she had to tell her stupidity to someone.

She needed some advice and the only person she could think of was Andy. Taking a deep breath she rang her home number. It rang out going to message bank and Brianna let out a grumble before trying her mobile.

“Hey Bree.” Andy said sounding rather distracted.

“I need to talk to you Andy. I stuffed up big time and I don’t know what to do.” Brianna spilled her worries out with no response from her friend. “Are you even listening to me right now?”

“Huh? Oh yeah Bree. Listen I’m kind of in the middle of something right now. How about we talk later?” Was all Andy said before hanging up.

Brianna stared at the handset feeling a bit down that her best friend had basically just hung up on her. Well this had definitely turned into one of the worst evening to date. She dragged herself through to her bedroom and stopped short as she stared at her bed.

Not that long ago he was lounging there, teasing her. Now she stood alone, unsure for the first time if pushing him away had been such a smart move. You got exactly what you wanted, she thought to herself bitterly. She dropped down on her bed cursing herself for being such a fool.

She awoke with a start to find dawn breaking, her eyes crusty from trying not to cry and failing as well as a heart aching for something she had insisted was never hers to start with. With great difficulty she remembered it was Friday. She still had to go to work. She would have to wallow in her loss tomorrow.

Normally the happy, smiling faces of the children made her day that much better. Today she couldn’t see beyond what had happened the night before. Chase driving away without a single protest or kiss. Andy not answering or listening to her. She felt rather devastated and a bit lost.

She had become used to and even begun to believe in what Chase had been insisting was the truth. Now it was gone and she had never felt lonelier in her life than right now.

She was busy changing a nappy when she first heard a commotion in the front room. She assumed it was a parent putting up a fuss so she decided to let the other three deal with it for a change. She smiled at the baby girl as she sang a song to her.

Brianna was frustrated when she walked back into the main room to find the children completely alone. She hated that the other three were so carefree about their responsibility of the children. It reminded her of every foster home she had ever stayed in. All children deserved to be loved and cared for not just used for monetary gain.

“You’re needed in the office Brianna.” Morgan pointed out of the children’s play room.

Brianna couldn’t breathe as she saw Chase’s figure standing in the office talking to Denise. Hope flared and then was crushed as she noticed Denise and Tabitha signing paperwork. He was only here to get everyone to sign his confidentiality agreement. Obviously he needed her silence too, she thought bitterly to herself.

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