Fortune Cookies || Hakeem & Laura

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Just a cute little prompt for Hakeem and Laura. I love these two so much.


"Let's order chinese." Laura said as she watched Hakeem search through the kitchen cabinets for something to eat. They were running dangerously low on food for one of the richest couples in hollywood. Hakeem needed to fix that.

"Okay." Hakeem nodded, he made a mental note to make sure they went grocery shopping some time this week. He closed the cabinets and asked Laura what she wanted before calling and placing the order.

While they waited, Hakeem and Laura indulged in their favorite tv show, Hakeem's secret guilty pleasure, pretty little liars. They were more than three episodes behind and determined to find out who the new A was. Hakeem was also hoping that Spencer and Toby would get back together soon. Seeing Spencer with Caleb rubbed him the wrong way.


"Chinese is here!" Laura called out as she skipped from the front door and back to the living room where Hakeem sat. He turned off the television and followed her into the kitchen. The two decided to share their chinese dinner on the floor rather than at the table. They were just eccentric that way.

When they got to the end of the meal it was time for the best part, dessert. Dessert meant fortune cookies. Laura loved fortune cookies while Hakeem basically despised them. They gave false hope, he thought.

Laura happily unwrapped the cookie, broke it in half and pulled out the small piece of paper.

"Mine says, 'tomorrow will be great', what does yours say?"

Hakeem had already opened his cookie up and started nibbling on it, the small fortune paper was thrown to the side. "Who cares babe, it's stupid and the fortunes never come true."

"Hakeeeeeemmm," Laura whined with a pout that she knew Hakeem could never resist, "please just read it to me!"

He quietly scolded himself as he picked up the paper, he shouldn't have been able to fall for Laura's little sad faces that easily but he did, he always did. "Alright," he sighed, "it says tomorrow you will feel love. See! That doesn't even make sense!"

Laura laughed at her boyfriend, she leaned over and planted a kiss on his cheek, then began to clean up. "Maybe it'll make sense tomorrow," she winked.

Hakeem helped Laura clean up their mess with a sigh, "We'll see."


Hakeem scooped a ladle full of soup into a bowl, grabbed a spoon, napkin, and a bottle of water. He placed all the items on a tray, and also added a flower to place on the side. Perfect. He smiled to himself.

Carefully, he carried the tray into the bedroom that he shared with his long time girlfriend, Laura. Somehow, in the middle of the night Laura had managed to get sick and it was now Hakeem's job to take care of her, just as she did whenever he got sick. The job was easier than it seemed, Hakeem had no problem taking care of Laura, helping her with her necessities, helping her to get healthy again. This also gave him a pretty good excuse to stay in bed all day, just to lie next to her.

"Time to eat, sleeping ugly!"

Laura groaned as she turned on her side and threw a pillow at Hakeem. The pillow didn't even make it off the bed, making Hakeem laugh. "I know I'm ugly right now." Laura coughed as she sat up. It was safe to say that Laura didn't look her best. Her hair was in a messy ponytail, eyes puffy, nose stuffy, and that was just the beginning. Even with all that, Hakeem couldn't disagree with Laura more. He found her as beautiful as the day he first fell in love with her.

"You're no where near ugly, Laura."

Hakeem placed the tray to the side on a small table next to the bed. He then got onto the bed and stretched himself out. "You're one of the most beautiful girls that I have ever laid eyes on." A small smile inched onto Laura's face, then it quickly vanished when a sneeze interrupted the moment.

"Ugh, I hate fortune cookies. You were right 'Keem," she sighed as she placed her head in his lap, "fortune cookies are lies and they never do come true."

Hakeem grabbed the flower off of the tray and handed it to Laura, she was beaming, "I don't know about that anymore," Hakeem gave her a kiss on the cheek then began to run his hands through her hair, "it's tomorrow and I do feel love."

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