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this is completely random but i feel like being interactive so answer these empire q's real quick please.

favorite empire character?

funniest empire character?

favorite season?

best looking character?

three favorite ships?

three favorite empire songs?

least favorite character?

least favorite ship?

reason why you watch the show?

reason why you started watching the show?

my answers:

favorite character: it switches between andre, jamal and hakeem but it's mainly jamal because he's the most level headed and nicest.

funniest empire character: hakeem, there's been so many funny moments this season.

favorite season: probably season two just because of laura and hakeem and that tiny bit of jamal and michael. i also liked how hakeem and cookie finally developed a relationship together and how andre was also involved. plus, andre took a step back from being so "evil" i loved it.

best looking character: all of the girls tbh. the guys are cute too but the girls don't get enough love.

three favorite ships: jamal and michael even tho i'm sure they're done for good. hakeem and laura. i kinda like andre and nessa..? idk but cookie and angelo are nice.

three favorite empire songs: obviously i have more than three favorites but i really love remember the music, chasing the sky and hemingway.

least favorite character: lucious..

least favorite ship: cookie and lucious. i have no doubt that by the end of this series that cookie and lucious will be back together but i seriously hate them together as a couple. i don't even feel like i have to explain why but ew.

reason why you watch the show: at this point i just wanna see how this is all gonna end for cookie, jamal, andre and hakeem.

reason why you started watching the show: lee daniels is an a+ writer so and also taraji is a queen.

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