Written All Over Your Face || Lucious & Cookie Lyon

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This was supposed to be a Halloween one shot but I didn't like how it was turning out so here's this! 

"Why don't you sing anymore?"

It was a simple question, sure; but it shook Cookie Lyon to her core. Why didn't she sing anymore? She wasn't entirely sure. What she was sure about however, was that it didn't matter. Working at Empire, she wasn't required to sing, dance or entertain. That was everyone else's job.

Cookie simply shrugged, "Because I don't." She hoped that the answer would satisfy Lucious enough to end the conversation, but she knew better. Of course it wouldn't. This was Lucious we were talking about. He couldn't let anything go. 

Lucious planted himself on top of Cookie's desk, a smirk decorating his face. "Oh c'mon. It's gotta be more than that." There he was, pushing the subject more. As if Lucious somehow knew the reason himself. Cookie was already exhausted with the man. 

"There's nothing else." Cookie grumbled, trying to push Lucious off of her desk. Unfortunately for her, he wouldn't budge. 

"You know.. as I recall," Lucious started, smiling at whatever memory had popped into his mind, "you never really did sing, there's only one person you sang for.. and that was me, wasn't it?"

A dozen of memories flooded into Cookie's mind. She suddenly remembered herself singing to Lucious back when they were younger, back before her seventeen years in prison. She felt her cheeks heat up at the romantic memories, she made sure Lucious didn't see how flushed she had become. 

"Why don't you sing for me now, Cook? Please?" 

"No, Lucious."


"No, Lucious. I don't even remember what I used to sing to you."

"I do," Lucious finally pried himself off of Cookie's desk, making his way from in front of the desk, to behind it where she sat. "You used to sing the old school love songs. What was that one? Written all over your face, I think."

More memories flooded into Cookie's mind and she knew that this time Lucious had definitely seen her face and how the memories affected her. He had her right where he wanted her. All that was left was to reel her in. He smirked, beginning to sing the old 90's lyrics to her. 

"It's written all over your face, you don't have to say a word, just smile, a smile, a smile, a smile for me, is better than any word I ever heard.." He trailed off, helping her out her seat and pulling her close. 

Before Cookie could properly think, Lucious' arms were wrapped around her waist and her arms were draped over him as well. He continued to sing to her, seeing as she was slowly falling for him all over again. 

"I know that I'm a very lucky guy, to have someone like you, I never met a girl in my life like you before, you make all my dreams come true.." They had moved from behind the desk, to slowly dancing around Cookie's office. She was in such a deep trance with Lucious that she hadn't realized her office door was wide open and her three sons, Becky, Porsha and even a jealous Boo Boo Kitty had gathered at the door to watch them share their moment. 

"I love the way you carry you, you have a lot of class and good taste, and you don't have to say how much you care for me, because it's written all over your face, don't you know.."  Without a second thought, Cookie gave up her guard, she melted into him, letting their lips lock together. Softly at first, but a lot rougher when Lucious went to deepen the kiss. 

There was no doubt in both Cookie and Lucious' mind that things would have gotten a lot more heated if it weren't for the audience at the door. The audience who were now, not only cheering but bursting with "ooo's" and giggles. Cookie tore herself away from Lucious, knowing it was already too late since the smirk on his face couldn't be erased at this point. 

"Don't ya'll have work to do? Go do it!" She snapped. It didn't matter though, they all remained there with goofy smiles on their faces. Cookie knew everyone watching would hold this over her for the remainder of the week or knowing her sons, her entire lifetime. 

"We'll continue this later, when there are less people." Lucious winked at the still slightly flustered woman. 

She hadn't said anything in response, but it didn't matter. It was written all over her face. They would be continuing later. 

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