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"Supergirl ", Alex says from her earpiece "be sure to use your x-ray vision to see where the bomb is located, oh and hurry you have 6 minutes before it explodes and destroys 2 blocks of national city"
"Yes Alex I know, I'm trying my best" Kara looks from a distance, something caught her eye. A red light glowing straight at her. As she uses her x-ray vision to see what it is, but instead noticed the bomb
" Alex I found the bomb"
She uses her speed to get there as fast as she could.  As she took of the layer of protection around the bomb, she felt a wave of anger build inside her.
"SUPERGIRL DISABLE IT NOW!!!WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR DO IT!!!" Kara never liked when Alex yelled at her in stress. Rage build up inside of her and she punched with a great force,  going through the bomb and grabbed anything she could inside the bomb and pulled with force. She saw the time stop at 00:45 seconds left but she managed to do it.

"Great job Supergirl", Alex said as supergirl flew down from the sky

"Whatever, yet again I have to waste my time with this miserable city"
Alex looked at her at first confused then worried.
"Hey *whispers* Kara, what's wrong I know you don't hate this city, for god sake you love this city"
"Well I have to waste 60% of my life protecting this pathetic city" she took a long pause "you know what, I'm taking a break from being supergirl and take care of my first job"
"WHAT!! ARE YOU INSANE, we don't have the same power as you!!!" Alex shouts, with probably half the city hearing .
"You heard me Alex, plus you have j'onn, he's even more powerful than me" she looks at Alex with a cold stare. It gives Alex a chill down her spine. "You can take my place for at least 1 week" Kara walks away from Alex and flys away without another word.
"J'onn, Kara is taking a break I would guess"

I'm sorry this was kinda a boring introduction. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS IS MY FIRST EVER FANFIC and the next chapter will have some Lena and Kara time, BE PREPARED!!!
Thank you if you made it through that boring chapter!!!! I appreciate it

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