Trusting Lena

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Kara ended up on a glass cell. Alex and the crew were in front of the cell watching Kara every movement.
"I will get out Alex don't you worry" Kara said a bit weakly but yet so forcefully. Alex looked down at her feet and back at j'onn.
"What are we going to do j'onn?"  Alex gave j'onn a worrying expression.

J'onn looked at Alex "Winn do you still have the blueprints that Max Lord created for this mess"

"I... umm..... I think I do know where they are, why?" He then raised his hand and hit his forehead realizing what he said "never mind"

"Alex contact Lena, we need as much help to perfect the formula to get Kara back" j'onn commanded Alex. As an instinct, Alex obliged. She moved fast down the hall way. As she half walked half ran down the hall, she pulled out her phone.

"Pick up Lena" she whispered at her phone.

"Alex, how may I help you" Lena picked up as fasts as she could.. surprising Alex just a bit. You could hear the fear and worry in her voice. They only interacted when a serious situation is happening so of course she doesn't blame Lena.

"Lena the D--FBI needs your help" Alex caught herself before she could give away the DEO.

"Alex I know your part of the DEO so cut the bullshit. And what do you need help in?" She didn't have time to try to deny that the DEO isn't real and all that. Kara was more important than her job. She did love her job but Kara was her priority

"I'll pick you up at L-corp and I'll explain everything on the way"

"Okay I understand, hurry agent Danvers"

Alex got on her bike and started to head towards L-corp. Tears started to build up in her eyes from the wind hitting her face damn I forgot my helmet she ignored the feeling and didn't stop for anything. Once she arrived she saw Lena. Standing on the entrance. 

"No time get on my bike, I'll drive you to the DEO." Without hesitation Lena got on the bike.

"Hold on tight, this might be fast"


"So your telling me Ka-supergirl was exposed to red kryptonite and that's why she acting all rouge" Lena asked confused. Hell, Lena didn't know that there was more than one kind of kryptonite. Lex of course did researchers but Lena was never interested in what rock impacted a kryptonian like lex did. Alex looked at Lena. She stuttered to say Kara's name to say supergirl, did she know? That's not important right now.

"Pretty much and I need you to create a antidote" Alex looked at Lena's absurd look.

"Alex what makes you think I can do this, I didn't even know there are 2 kinds of kryptonite"

"Oh Lena there is more than that" Lena had a look on her face that Alex couldn't quite put her finger on. It was amusing.

"Max lord ,a past genius and ass, gave us a blueprint and a formula on how to stop 'evil Supergirl' and get 'puppy and all mighty supergirl' back. All we need is your to help."
Lena nodded at Alex and they soon arrived to the control room where j'onn and the others were standing. Lena body stiffened for some reason.
"Hey it's ok" Alex reassured Lena. Lena gave her a grateful smile in return.

"Hello Ms.Luthor, my name is Hank Henshaw, captain of the FBI" he extended his arm to shake Lena's but was interrupted shortly
"Hank, Lena knows about the DEO" Alex whispered at Hank but loudly enough that Lena could hear it in an earshot. He looked at Alex and back at Lena as if he wanted to hear it from both of them to believe it.
"Yes Mr. Henshaw I know, don't worry my lips are sealed" Lena searched for an expression on hank's face to see how he would react. She expected to be untrusted ,because if for course she as a luthor, but she got a rare smile that made her feel confusion and gratitude. They looked at each other and shook hands firmly. It was a way to show they trusted each other and it made Lena so happy.

The moment passed and Lena remembered she was here for supergirl not herself.
"Mr.Henshaw what exactly do you want my help for?" He looked back at Winn and that was a cue for him to give him the blueprints for the formula.

"Here" Winn handed Lena the blueprints to Lena a bit timidly which if course didn't surprise her. Lena opened the blueprint, seeking the information she needed and what she needed to get herself.
"We want to you recreate this formula to help get rid of negative radiation out of supergirl"
"Wait, recreate? Did this happen before" Lena asked in disbelief and a bit of confusion. If they have been in this situation before than why do they need her help? It didn't connect to Lena.
"Well Lena," Alex chirped in "We did have this situation before but we didn't make the formula, Maxwell did, we tried to get to supergirl in control for as long as possible"
Lena nodded in understandment. It was still weird for her that they trusted her. Hell, that they asked for help. No one wanted to be around a luthor but she didn't want to ask questions now.

"Come with me, I'll show you the lab" Alex directed Lena to the hallway to walk to the lab. As they walked to the lab, Lena observed her surroundings carefully as if it was the only an last time she will be in the building, which might be true.

They finally arrived at a small yet packed room. It was enough for Lena to work in. She set the blueprint ,that she held in her hand, on an empty space in the table and spun her heel to face Alex once more.
"Thank you"

Alex was taken aback by this statement. Why? She was so confused. It showed more than she thought which caused Lena to say why
"For trusting me enough to help you and your team, for trusting a luthor"
Lena kept her eyes on Alex not wanting to show vulnerability yet she was scared what she would say.
"Lena.... look I do trust you but I don't trust the luthors," she chucked at herself and continued "you know who made me see that you're a trustworthy and strong person?"


"Kara, I have to be completely honest..... I didn't really trust you but I didn't know you the way Kara does. When you were falsely accused for given kryptonite to matello and was arrested, Kara fought and argued so much to protect your name. This made me realize that Kara has never done that to anyone just to people who she cares and trusts............ I think you deserve a chance like everyone does"

Lena teared up a bit but kept her smile her face that could brighten up the lab, someone who she dearly cares about took the time and effort to protect her name and made someone else trust her.

All because of Kara.

Because of Kara Danvers.


Well sorry for the wait. I hate myself. And even sadder news. Maybe there will be 2 more chapter to this book before ending it. I think this book was a starter but I will most definitely write more books later in my life.
Thanks for reading!!!!
Hopefully you enjoyed

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