No other way

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                    -LENA'S OFFICE-
The raven haired girl looked out at the city from her desk. Her desk. Every time she looked at her desk, it reminds her of that day. A passionate day. The day where she couldn't keep her hands off Kara. Was that Kara's first time? Does Kara want nothing to do with her? Did Kara just want her for pleasure?
"No, no don't think that; our bond is real", Lena always question their relationship after that amazing day. Kara hasn't talked, spoke, nor saw her in days. It worries her.
"Ms. Luthor, do you still want to attend that meeting with Wayne enterprises", Jamie, Lena's trusted assistant, said standing near the door. This made Lena forget all the thought going through her head.
"Yes Jamie, thank you"
And with that Lena hit back to work, signing papers and responding to e-mails. But she had this feeling in her stomach that stayed with her throughout her day.

"I don't know what up with her hank, she just so negative and......... mean" Kara Danvers was never mean. She couldn't even talk back to our mom. It was weird and worrisome. Alex's thought were interrupted by hank's deep voice.
"I know agent Danvers, I'm also worried" hank took a pause and his expression changed. "Winn, check the radar for any red kryptonite"
"Red kryptonite?" Alex was confused, she only thought there was one kind of kryptonite.
"Yes agent Danvers, there was a similar case with superman"
"Superman was also affected by the same shard"
"I GOT IT, it's located near........ L-corp" Winn said with a low voice
Is it the same building where the bomb was located"
"Yes, sir it's the exact building"
"She was affected, just great" hank was mad at this, the worst part is that he didn't know how to stop it.
"So hank, what does red kryptonite do exactly" Alex murmured
"Well, as you can see from Kara's behavior all the anger and thoughts/feelings are expressed without a regret"
This terrified Alex, she has never seen a mean, selfish, confident Kara. Alex grew up with a nice, soft, shy girl that had incredible powers. Her powers.
"Hank we have to find Kara fast!!"
" and why is that agent Danvers?"
"When Kara is mad, her powers get out of control" and with that Hank got moving. "Alex listen to me, I have to use green kryptonite"
"WHAT, no you are not" Alex said with anger and worry
"I'm not going to hurt her, I just need her to be weak enough for us to take her in and out her in a cell while we have the time to find a cure for this" Hank reassured Alex. Alex knew this was a risk but it was the only way.
"Ok ok but please be careful with that"

Sorry for taking so long and for this short story but I hoped you enjoyed!!!

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